I’m the fittest I’ve been since my early twenties. It’s almost unbelievable.

From ‘dad bod’ to six-pack in a matter of months, 44-year-old Steve is the fittest he’s been since his early twenties.

Lifting weights has helped him sculpt an astonishing six-pack physique – a feat he didn’t think was possible at his age.

Now completely in control of his diet, a far more active father and three jeans sizes down, read about the profound changes Steve made to his life below.

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What motivated you to begin a transformation with U.P.?

It ultimately came down to lockdown.

Throughout Covid, I put on a lot of weight and fell into a routine where I wasn’t doing any exercise.

I was looking around for a personal trainer to help me make drastic changes – and Ultimate Performance stood out as the only place to come to.


How happy are you with the changes that you’ve made to your physique?

Incredibly happy.

I was hoping to lose some weight and get back down to a reasonable size, but my transformation has completely surpassed my expectations.

I’m the fittest I’ve been since my early twenties. It’s almost unbelievable when I realised that only a few months ago, I was needing 36-inch waist jeans, and I’m now down to 30-inch waist jeans.

That sheer change is quite phenomenal. It’s made a positive impact on so many areas of my life, like my confidence and happiness.

How does it feel swapping your ‘dad bod’ for a six-pack?

Fantastic. Yeah. I never ever thought I would be able to get into this six-pack shape.

My photo shoot was a great opportunity to celebrate my body and all the hard work that I’d put in.

I actually think the biggest impact has been on my kids. I’m delighted with my physique, of course, but my kids have seen me go through this change over the last few months, which is important to me.


Tell us about your experience working with your U.P. trainer.

It takes commitment to stick to your plan. It’s not a fundamental change.

You have to come to the gym on a regular basis, lower your calories into a deficit so you lose weight.

It’s not about a crash diet, it’s a controlled diet that works for you. It can be difficult to keep up the commitment, that’s maybe the hardest thing.

But you’ve got support from your trainer and I found my program was extremely achievable with him by my side.

Has your personal training progress helped you live a healthier life at home with your family?

Definitely. We’re out walking almost every night to get our steps in and keep active.

Me and my wife bring the kids out with us and take the dog – it means we’re out as a family a lot more.

In the past, we would have sat on the sofa and watched a film. Now, it’s about staying active and going for a walk. It doesn’t mean we’ve changed our lifestyles completely; it just means we’ve adapted a little bit, which we’re all enjoying.

Our transformations have also opened up a whole host of new opportunities. We’re going mountain biking at weekends and get out a lot more in general.


What’s been your favourite part of your program?

That’s a tricky question. All of it! I’ve really enjoyed the whole process when I take a step back and look at what I’ve achieved.

It’s not been a chore and there’s never been a point where I wanted to quit. I want to carry on pushing towards losing the next kilogram.

I’ve really enjoyed training here and I’ve got the most out of my plan.

Want to feel body-confident in your forties? Start your own personal training plan at U.P. today. Steve did – and now feels like he’s 20 again.


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