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Samita’s impressive transformation has helped get her body back after having her third child, helping her get in better shape than before she was married.


When you become a parent, there’s always the fear that you’ll never be able to get back into shape and Samita was the same.

She was nearing 40 and had gained almost 20kg in weight after having a baby.

She was worried that she would never be able to bounce back and regain the figure that she had before – and starting full-time work again as a new mum made the task seem even more insurmountable.

But Samita got back to her best by training just three hours a week at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong around her busy lifestyle.

She has lost 16kg and is fitter, stronger, happier and healthier than ever.


 Result-samitam-40s-33wk-front Ultimate Performance



“This is the fastest I have been able to get back in shape after childbirth – in fact, I’m now back in my clothes from before I was married!

“I’m stronger and have loads of energy for my busy day.

“I would recommend U.P. to anyone. It’s a great atmosphere for training with experts who put the client at the heart of everything they do.”

Samita has always been in good shape – but with approaching her 40s and having a third child, she was worried her best days might be behind her.

“I have been fit for most of my life, but I was skeptical about my ability to bounce back from my last pregnancy where I gained 20kg.

“I was particularly worried about how much time in a given week I would have to devote, given I was heading back to full-time work.”

 Result-samitam-40s-33wk-back Ultimate Performance


Ultimate Performance’s training philosophy is based on the mantra of ‘maximum results, minimum time’, and every workout is optimised to get the absolute maximum benefit out of every single rep.

With the expert guidance of U.P.’s personal trainers, a transformation that might ordinarily take years of training on your own, can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months.

Samita found that she was able to train efficiently and effectively around her busy week, without having to spend hours at the gym every day.

She was amazed by how quickly the weight dropped off and she regained her figure.


“What I found as a result of training with U.P. was that with just three hours a week of consistent training (without killing myself with cardio that drains you), and minor modifications to my eating, I was able to lose all my excess weight in about four months and continue to get stronger and leaner.”


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Samita feared she would never get back in shape after her third child – but since starting weight training at U.P. she’s never looked back.


Samita’s diet and training were all taken care of so she could focus on getting the best results possible during her transformation.


“Essentially, you just have to show up and give your best effort at each workout, and your trainer takes care of everything else.”


Samita says she really benefited from the regular monitoring and data-driven, scientific approach at U.P. Hong Kong, which helped to keep her accountable and progressing to achieve her impressive transformation.

“I really like the disciplined approach with frequent measurements and monitoring.

“Your trainer gives you very specific data on how you’re doing and course corrects on a daily or weekly basis if needed.

“Your trainer also provides nutritional advice and guidance too, so your mind is totally freed up from that burden.”


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The result speaks for itself. Samita has lost 16kg and now has a body that she hasn’t had since before she was married.

Samita really singled out the calibre and the dedication of the personal trainers at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong for going the extra mile to help her get the result she wanted in a way that fit seamlessly into her daily life.


“I have been training for a long time, but what I have found unique at U.P. versus commercial gyms is their complete dedication to meeting the specific goals of the client, their methodical approach to the training itself and to proper form, and their discipline in measuring and quantifying progress.


“The trainers are incentivised based on what they accomplish with you – not how many extra sessions they get you to buy.”


 Samita-transformation-mum-weight-loss Ultimate Performance

Having a personal trainer to handle everything has given Samita the freedom to hit the gym 100% in every session and get the results she wanted.


Samita says she has taken three key lessons away from her transformation.

“One, you can always get stronger than you think – never stay at the same level.

“Two, you don’t always need to do cardio.

“Three, if your trainer is flexible with his time and can train when you’re free (which my trainer Martin has been), it’s not that difficult to be consistent.”

Samita is now back to being in shape and has been equipped with the tools and knowledge to carry on her training and maintain her amazing results.


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