Naveet hit rock bottom with his health, but he didn’t want to wait until New Year to kickstart his fitness resolutions.

He had fallen into an unhealthy spiral of eating and not exercising during successive COVID-19 lockdowns.

Thirty-three-year-old Naveet found himself at the heaviest he had ever been.

It wasn’t a place he was happy or comfortable to be, so he started a transformation journey at Ultimate Performance before New Year had even come around.

Despite going through another lockdown, vegetarian Naveet was able to lose 8kg (18lbs) of fat and gain 3kg (7lbs) of lean body mass to get in the shape of his life.

  Ultimate Performance

“It was all so exciting. When you can have a first-hand view of the feel and metamorphosis of your own body going through those changes when you see yourself get thinner, and the definition starts to pop.

“It was surreal in a way because I never thought I’d actually see physical changes right before me and feel those changes in such a short space of time.”

Before he started his transformation journey, Naveet’s health had suffered like many people during the pandemic.

With gyms closed and comfort food on hand, he gained a considerable amount of weight. He could feel the impacts acutely on his everyday health and wellbeing.

“I was not an unhealthy person. But with COVID and the lockdowns, I fell into a very unhealthy spiral with my health, food and what I was eating.

“I wasn’t going to the gym. And I think I had reached a point where I was the worst I’ve ever looked in my life.

“I put on a lot of weight in December, and it was the heaviest I’d ever been. It wasn’t a healthy place I was comfortable with. And I knew that I needed to make a change.”

Naveet wasn’t going to wait to take action. He felt motivated to work his way back to optimal health immediately, ready for when the world opened back up after the pandemic.

“I wanted to commit myself to something that would put me in a much better place. This was before New Year, when everyone is charged up with getting goals set.

“I thought that by the time Summer 2021 kicks in and the world reopens after COVID, I want to be back into a really good, healthy state, physically and aesthetically. That led me to U.P.”

Fired up and feeling motivated to achieve results with U.P., Naveet was dismayed when the Government called another snap lockdown and closed all gyms.

It felt like his plans were ruined.

“We started with one session, and the very next day we were put into lockdown.

“I thought it would create that instability and derail me mentally and physically from getting there, and then I thought I would have to remotivate myself when things opened again.

“That was not the case.”

Naveet’s trainer immediately put plans in place with his diet, his virtual training and his regular progress check-ins.

It meant that he could keep losing fat and progress even with the gyms closed under the guidance of his trainers online.

“On balance, COVID actually proved to be quite helpful. It was obviously not without challenges that we have all experienced.

“On the other end of the scale, I was restricted from travel, I couldn’t eat out or socialise much very much, so it forced me to focus on the goal.

“Then having the support system there with the routine of check-ins kept us on track which was extremely helpful.

“Without that, I would have faltered and fallen by the wayside. That did not happen. I was able to stick to the routine and the meal plans.”

Over the lockdown, Naveet lost around 8kg (18lbs) in fat with U.P.’s science-based training and diet methodologies.

Even when he went away on holiday to Thailand for a month, his progress didn’t suffer.

With the skills and knowledge he had learned about diet and training, as well as on-going support of his trainer, he came back in a great position to push on.

“The results were not as disastrous as I thought they might be with eating food outside of the diet plan.

“Having that training plan from before put me in a better position to adapt and synthesise that type of food. So it didn’t completely throw me off. I gained just 1kg (2lbs).”

“I got a lot of advice from my trainer, so I was much more cognizant of what to eat. It helped me make healthier choices and keep my step count up, and make a wider selection from the foods available.

“There an overall knowledge base I can tap into now whenever I’m in those situations, which is extremely useful.”

When Naveet returned from his break and was able to get back into the gym, his progress continued apace.

With an expert trainer guiding him on every rep, he was able to maximise the impact and the results he achieved from workout to workout.

It is a journey that has helped him go from a complete beginner to someone who is competent and confident in the gym.

“It was a doubtlessly an arduous journey, but one that ended in really remarkable results.

“And which admittedly started with a high degree of reticence. Again, because I wasn’t sure whether this program was made for me or not, because I had not come from a very strong fitness background. I never trained this hard.

“I didn’t know whether I had the mental and physical fortitude to see myself through such a rigorous program. But I never felt uncomfortable.

“The journey was obviously hard. But having a steadfast coach by your side keeps you guided to reach that goal. It was hard work, but I think it was worth it.”

Naveet has been blown away by the physical results he has achieved. So much so he completed a photoshoot as a lasting testament to his hard work.

But what really amazed him was how U.P.’s data-driven approach mapped out his results from day one.

All Naveet had to do was follow his program to achieve the exact results he wanted.

“It’s very rewarding and satisfying to see the results. You know when you say ‘in three weeks you will see this. And in two weeks you will see this. In one week, this will happen.’ And then, literally, as you said it, it came to pass.

“I’m extremely happy and proud of the results because I never thought I could do it.

“And I think a large part of that is down to the support system and the guidance I got from my trainer.”

What Naveet learned was that absolutely anybody can achieve results with U.P. Even a complete beginner like himself.

“Retrospectively, I feel that it was perhaps a large degree of naivety to think that I needed to be at a high level of fitness to start this program which is certainly not the case.

“You don’t need to feel insecure or have any sort of reservations around starting. It’s made for everybody. From your starting point, whatever that may be, you will see a change and a shift into something much better.”



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  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
  • Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym; how disciplined you are with your diet; & your starting point.
  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
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