Naser’s ‘superhero’ body amazes his family after his 10kg (22lbs) transformation

Naser spent a lifetime chasing the body he wanted – but he always felt like he was missing pieces of the puzzle.

He’d always eaten healthily and exercised, but he could never get in the shape he wanted.

It wasn’t until he saw the rapid results his wife achieved in a few weeks at Ultimate Performance that he knew he had found what he was looking for.

Now, with the experts at U.P. by his side, 42-year-old corporate vice president Naser completed the puzzle and forged a physique that surpassed even his wildest expectations.

Not only that, but his doctor says his cholesterol levels and HbA1c – a marker of diabetes – are now perfectly healthy after his transformation.

When Naser first started his transformation, his goal was simple: get lean.

It had been more than 20 years since he had seen any definition in his abs, so he put his faith in his trainer and U.P.’s data-driven approach to help change that.

“I have always been small-framed in terms of my body so I thought I should make the most of this frame and at least add that definition or get that shredded or ripped look.”

“Training at U.P. has bumped up my confidence level as well. Whenever I’m at the beach or the pool now, I’m in a rush to take off my shirt. I love the way I look right now.”