Work, marriage and raising two young children took priority when mother-of-two Natasha started a new life in Dubai.

However, she quickly realised a fundamental part of her life was missing – fitness.

As a former successful national basketball champion and 800m runner, she had taken her health and well-being for granted for her whole life.

However, 37-year-old Natasha’s weight surge left feeling her a million miles away from the athletic, energetic woman she once was. At one point she even feared she wouldn’t be able to muster up the energy to run around with her kids.

Determined to make fitness ‘part of her’ once again – it was Ultimate Performance who helped her fit a structured training plan into her life.

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Fifteen weeks was all it took for Natasha to feel her mental and physical best. She is now confident with her figure and has rediscovered her identity and passion for fitness, empowering her as a mother.

“I now have crazy amounts of energy, which you require when you have two young children.

“I feel confident and comfortable in my skin and I’m just an overall happier person. That affects my marriage, my children and how I interact with anybody I see.

“I’ve also learned some important lessons about food. It’s honestly like doing a nutrition course.”

Here, Natasha speaks about how she rediscovered her happiness through just three personal training sessions per week, and how at 37 she feels as strong and confident as ever.



What was your motivation to join Ultimate Performance?

After leaving my job, I came to realise that I didn’t recognise myself anymore. It wasn’t just to do with my weight, but also to do with who I was as a person. When I looked in the mirror, I just couldn’t recognise who I was.

I thought back to stories of when I was fit and when I used to work out. I used to be a basketball player and was very fit. So, I kind of wanted to go back to who I was. I also saw my husband working out during this period and I saw massive changes in him.


You mentioned you used to be a basketball player and keep fit. What was it that made it difficult to keep that lifestyle up?

I got married, had kids quite soon and had a job at the same time. I was working until just last year. Life was like a rollercoaster where I had to raise both my children and I simply forgot fitness.

I took it for granted because my body always looked a certain way and I never really gained weight. In my head, I always thought I was really fit no matter what, even if I couldn’t run from here to there.

I gained around 23kg when I was pregnant both times and I just kind of forgot my routine, which was difficult because it was ingrained in who I was. In the past, I had done a Pilates instructor course and trekked the Himalayas, so I kept quite fit.

Until the pandemic hit, everything seemed like it was fine until I had time to think about me and what I stand for and what I’ve stood for. That brought me to U.P.



How did you feel before your transformation with U.P.?

It was actually the weakest I have ever felt in my life ever. I was so weak I was scared that I was never going to feel strong again. At one point I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run with my kids because of the energy dips.

Now I feel like the strongest I’ve ever felt. I mean, I just did a pull-up, so I’m very proud of myself. Physically I’ve gone back to looking like how I used to recognise my body. Mentally I feel great.

In fact, I’ve gone to the other extreme where if I don’t achieve something on a daily basis, whether it be my steps or just pushing myself to do something, I don’t feel so good.


Now that your transformation is complete, how do you feel about yourself?

I feel stronger, not only physically but also mentally. I genuinely feel happy and now have crazy amounts of energy, which you require when you have two young children.

It’s great to feel confident and comfortable in my skin. I now fit into a dress that I bought 10 years ago, and it fits me better now than it does then. I definitely need a new wardrobe, even my workout clothes are loose.



What are the most powerful lessons you have learned during working with U.P.?

I’ve learned some important lessons about food. It’s honestly like doing a nutrition course. I now really understand what my body responds to and how I should eat to feel the best I possibly can.

Another interesting thing I learned is that you can spend your life doing ab and core exercises, but diet is just as important. My trainer focused on my diet which has really helped me melt off fat so I can see my abs.



How did it feel seeing your before and after pictures?

When I saw the before and after photos, I just laughed. I couldn’t recognise the person in the before pictures and was shocked at just how fast the change was.

Honestly, I went into the zone where I started thinking about the human body and how insane my transformation was. I feel really proud of myself.




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