“I’d never done any weight training before, but it’s filled me with confidence and I feel powerful with how strong I’ve become. I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Molly had tried almost everything to build her strength and lose weight.

Yoga routines, long-distance runs, cardio classes and even pole fitness.

But she would be the first to admit nothing really worked the way she’d hoped.

After years of trying alone, it was weight training with Ultimate Performance that she says has helped her feel like a “champion” and empowered in her body. All in just 12 weeks.

Molly has slimmed down around her waist and added muscle that she’s thrilled with, but it’s the mental firepower and boosted productivity at work which have arguably pleased her most.

  Mollym F30 12wk Pt Ams Front | Ultimate Performance


What was your motivation to start your own personal training program with U.P.?

I approached my 30th birthday in January and decided it was time to make a change for myself. I wanted to see how strong I could become.

I’ve always been very active, and I’ve done a lot of yoga, pole fitness and running, but I’d never done any weight training before.

I heard about U.P. through one of my girlfriends who trained here about a year and a half ago and decided I wanted to give it a go.


What did your diet and lifestyle look like before you started working with your trainer?

I work behind a desk and it can get a little bit tiresome, so my motivation would drop throughout the day.

I’d feel dips of energy, then I’d quickly shove something in my mouth and give myself a little boost, but I would crash again soon after.

As I said, I’ve always been very active, but I came to realise my ideas around nutrition were terrible.

I was one of these people who thought I ate well, without realising I wasn’t eating very well at all.


You’ve made some incredible changes in just 12 weeks, Molly. Tell us how you feel about yourself now.

I feel educated on nutrition, building strength and adding muscle. It was my first experience lifting weights, despite the fact I’d moved my body in a lot of different ways in the past.

I’d never known how to move it this way. I’ve been filled with confidence, and I feel powerful with how strong I’ve become.

I can now maintain my energy levels and feel motivated for the whole day.

Getting into a routine, coming to the gym and boosting my motivation has seeped into other areas of my life.

I’m more motivated and organised at work, because I’ve had to learn to be disciplined. My manager would probably agree that I’m much better with my time management throughout the day, and I think that’s a direct impact of learning how to plan properly with Ultimate Performance


How quickly did you start seeing changes to your physique?

Very quickly. My body responded extremely well.

I followed all my trainer’s instructions and within the first few weeks, I could see the changes in my body. But it wasn’t just that – I could feel the changes too.

And in my personal life, I felt more inclined to invest in my hobbies. I got outside more and took in the fresh air, which I enjoy.

All the guys at U.P. are very knowledgeable, so if you do what they say, you’ll see the results you want.


How did it make you feel when you saw your before and after pictures side by side?

I loved seeing my before and after pictures. I didn’t dislike the way I looked before – there were bits I wanted to change – but I never knew how to do it.

I’d tried for years, but I couldn’t get there alone.

It’s incredible when you see your progress up close – I actually had a little cry because I felt so proud of myself for building muscle.

I have impressive shoulders and strong arms, so I’m incredibly proud of the muscle I’ve built and the weight I’ve lost. I feel like an absolute champion.


Finally, how much did you enjoy working with your trainer in the U.P. gym?

I’d like to thank my trainer for the work he’s done with me. I’m always thanking him because I think he needs to know how important he’s been in my transformation.

He’s unlocked a whole new realm of things that I can enjoy now that I’m in good shape.

Every time I came into the gym I felt supported. Everyone is smiling and says hello, which makes for a great atmosphere in the gym.

There are days when it’s hard, but all the trainers are encouraging and push you when you need it the most.


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