How sustainable are the results at Ultimate Performance?

Just ask 43-year-old mum Minna.

It’s now a year on from her original transformation at UP and mother-of-three Minna is still in great shape.

Prior to joining UP, she had never lifted weights and was tired, overweight and stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting with a busy life as a working mum.

Minna lost an impressive 12kg in just 18 weeks and built healthy new habits and lifelong knowledge on training and nutrition that have helped her easily maintain her results.


Minna 18 Week Amazing Female Fat Loss Minna 18 Week Amazing Female Fat Loss Ultimate Performance

Minna explains the key lessons she learned at UP which are keeping her lean, strong and feeling younger almost a year on from her transformation.

What was your goal for your transformation at UP?

My goal was to decrease my body fat percentage and to gain muscle at the same time – to shape my body.

How were you feeling before starting your original transformation with UP?

I was very tired, both physically and mentally, due to my sleeping problems, stress and hectic life. I used all hours of the day for others and didn’t make time to take care of myself. Basically, I was in bad shape; I even looked sick with my grey skin tone, and I was overweight.

I had problems with blood circulation on my legs due to three pregnancies and varicose veins. Overall, I definitely didn’t feel good about myself and wanted to do something about it.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before your transformation?

I mostly ate a low carb diet; I had done that for years. I guess this is why my body wasn’t working well – my metabolism was totally messed up. I had been eating totally the wrong way – low calories, low carbs and low fat.

Whenever I wanted to get rid of my extra weight, I cut down carbs and calories – I was even instructed to do so by a couple of PT friends of mine. Sure it worked out – I lost weight very fast, but I also gained it back faster than I dropped it.

Whenever I ate carbs or unhealthy food, I doubled the weight I’d lost. It was stored on my waist and my whole body. So these diets were a “quick fix” and something, in my opinion, everyone should avoid.

After using these quick fix “yo-yo” diets, it took me a long time to get my metabolism fixed again. My sleep problems and low activity levels didn’t help me either.

What results did you achieve?

I was really happy with the results and this is why I want to continue my project. I now have more strength and muscles, and I am over 12kg lighter than I was at the beginning of the project.

It has given me my life back. I have now more self-confidence and I feel a lot younger. I know that I have the discipline and strength to do difficult and challenging things.

I have learned to be selfish in a healthy way which I think is good – I need to take time for myself, because if mum is happy and full of energy then it will affect the whole family in a positive way.

 Minna-18-week-side-fat-loss-results Ultimate Performance


What were the most powerful lessons you learned on training?

Push your own limits, and don’t take the easy way out.

Use proper weights and concentrate on what you are doing with the right technique.

Select a gym where you can’t read magazines – learning about celebrity relationships and fashion can be done elsewhere, like at your hairdresser. It is important to have a gym where people are motivated to train.

What were the most powerful lessons you learned on diet and nutrition?

Don’t be afraid of calories, carbs and fat. Eating clean is the key for success. Don’t punish yourself if some days you are not 100% with your diet. It is just important to look forward and continue your project towards your goal.

How has your lifestyle changed after your UP transformation?

I don’t have cravings for unhealthy food; actually, that food makes me feel sick. I enjoy colourful, healthy food. I have learned to make healthy desserts which are a lot better than ready-made products containing E-numbers.

Going to the gym or doing other sports is part of my everyday life now and my whole family is inspired by it.

 Mum-after-her-fat-loss-with-up Ultimate Performance

How has what you learned at UP helped keep you in shape?

I learned how to eat right and I feel good about it. Sports have become part of my everyday life.

I take the stairs, not the elevator. I don’t take the parking lot closest to the door, but I would rather walk further. My daily activity level has increased, and I respect the importance of rest and sleep.

What are the key things that have helped you maintain your physique and stay in shape?

I feel so much better now than I used to and I intend to keep it that way. The things I learned at UP are part of my life now, so it is easy to keep all the results and even improve my physique. If I ever feel like being lazy, a quick look at those “before” pictures gives me motivation for weeks.

 Mums-amazing-18-week-fat-loss-results Ultimate Performance


What is your training and diet like now?

I am continuing my project online with my trainer Shaun – the plan is to train at the gym four times per week with a slightly different structure. Perhaps saying “less is more” describes this next phase well.

What fitness goals are you now aiming for?

I want to put on more muscle on my whole body, especially to shape my booty, legs, and shoulders. I don’t look at the scales now, I just want to gain a nice athletic shape.

 Mum-looking-great-for-her-holiday-after-transformation-with-up Ultimate Performance

What does it feel like being in control of your diet and knowing how to train properly to stay in great shape?

It feels amazing. I am not going to change the direction I am going in now.

What would you say to anyone who thinks results you get at UP are not sustainable?

This process at UP is not about using all hours of the day at the gym and counting calories. It is more about learning to take control of your life and finding a balance in everyday life. You learn the importance of eating right, exercising with correct technique, and the importance of rest.

It is not an easy path, but if I did it, anybody can do it – all you need is motivation and dedication.

Everyone doubting the results can go and try it for themselves – they might be surprised.


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