Nap disproved the myth that ‘vegans can’t build muscle’ with his impressive 12-week transformation.

Being naturally lean, he had always struggled to put on muscle mass on his plant-based diet.

Nap was active and played sport, but his goal was to build strength and add size to his naturally-lean frame.

Ultimate Performance Sydney helped him achieve the muscular body he had always wanted with a bespoke training program.

He halved his body fat and added 4kg of lean body mass during his transformation.

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Nap says the transformation has boosted his sports performance, making him leaner, faster, stronger and more explosive in his training outside the gym.

But he is most satisfied with the new lean and muscular physique he has built.

“The results of my transformation were great. I was able to gain muscle mass and definition, which was always hard for me as someone who is naturally skinny and lean.

“I started at about 17% body fat and went down to 9.6% by the end of the 12 weeks.

“What I lost in fat was pretty much gained back in muscle mass.”

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What led him to starting his transformation at U.P. Sydney was frustration with not getting the results he wanted.

“My motivation in joining was that I wanted to gain muscle mass and become stronger.

“Both physically and mentally, I believe I was doing pretty well as I was going to the gym and playing sports already.

“But despite that, I was still struggling putting on mass.”

Nap wasn’t in bad shape before he came to U.P. He was active and exercised regularly, and he was conscious about his diet.

“My diet and lifestyle before I started was also fairly good.

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“I was following a whole food plant-based diet, which lends itself to eating ‘healthily’, and I was also physically active.”

But there was a big piece of the jigsaw missing. U.P. helped complete for Nap which and ultimately made a big difference to his muscle-building goal.

Nap says becoming more precise with his diet and understanding the macronutrient requirements his body needed to add muscle was key.

“Even though I was eating healthily, I didn’t track my macros to help me achieve my goal.

“What I realised during the program was that I need to focus on my nutrition and hit my macronutrient goals in order to achieve the results I wanted.”

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Nap started tracking his food intake with an app called Cronometer to ensure he was hitting his macronutrient targets to support his muscle growth goal.

Learning the skill of food tracking at U.P. Sydney really took his body and his performance to the next level.

“The app is similar to MyFitnessPal, but besides macronutrients, it also puts a focus on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

“So not only was I tracking my macros, I was making sure I hit my RDA for other things like fibre, Omega 3, all vitamins, calcium, magnesium, folate, iron, etc.

“I basically wanted to make sure my diet was set up for me to recover faster and train harder.”

Nap saw big progression in the gym with the results-driven program created by his personal trainer, Stew.

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“The effect of the program inside the gym was that I started seeing myself get stronger weekly and have more energy throughout the workout.

“Outside of the gym, I saw improvement on my sports performance; I saw my muscle endurance improve.

“I saw direct translation of the work I was doing in the gym to my sports training.

“For example, because of the training with the prowler, I was lasting longer on sprint and burst types of movement on my sports training.

“I also saw my jump movement improve, where it felt a lot easier getting off the ground.”

Nap was thrilled with his 12-week result – but perhaps what was more impactful was the lifelong learning he has taken from the transformation process.

He has developed the knowledge to keep him improving his physique and his performance in his own training.

“The transformation has changed me in a way that I am now more educated on how to achieve my goals.

“It will also benefit me in the sports I play. I also feel like this is not the end of my transformation and that I can achieve even more while before I was struggling to get the results I wanted.”

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