“I have seen my body change completely. If you look at the before and after pictures, it’s pretty incredible to see where I started just four months ago to where I’ve come now.”

Matt’s 14-week transformation hasn’t just given him enviable six-pack – he’s got bags of energy to be an active dad for his two-year-old son

The 32-year-old had wasted years researching fitness questions online and trying out workout programs and diet plans that didn’t work.

The lessons he’s learned working with an expert trainer at Ultimate Performance have helped him lose 15lbs (7kg) and taught him how to eat and train for a lifetime.

Here Matt talks about why accountability was so important and how learning to track progress metrics gave him results he’d never imagined…

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What was the main motivation to get you started on your transformation program?

I had tried many different methods of weightlifting and many different diets in the past, and I never really had the success that I was looking for.

I think in coming to Ultimate Performance, I realised that I could work with a professional who knew the answers to all of these questions.

I no longer had to guess, and I could get the results that I wanted.


Was there anything you were nervous or worried about when you started on Day 1?

I know some people can be nervous when they first go to a gym. I didn’t feel those nerves. I was actually really excited. I viewed it as a learning experience where I was going to come to the gym and work with somebody who could teach me how to lift weights correctly, about different exercises I’d never seen before, how to diet correctly, and I could just learn from them. So I didn’t see it as an intimidating experience. I was just really excited to get started.


What changed when you started your program?

When you first start the program, you don’t really know exactly what to expect. Obviously, a lot of things are going to change. The weightlifting is going to get kicked up a notch, most likely from what you do on your own, and your diet is going to change very quickly.

So all of that happening at once was a little bit shocking. There’s certainly a little more soreness involved in the first few weeks, but outside of that, you start to really ease into it and get used to it, and it becomes just easier over time. But those first couple of weeks can be a little bit more difficult than you will feel at the end of the program.

How beneficial was tracking everything in the UP Transform app to your success?

Tracking is extremely useful. I’m a numbers person, but even if you’re not, it can help identify issues, whether it be in your diet or weightlifting. Maybe you’re not getting enough steps per day, maybe you’re drinking too little water. It helps to identify all those things. It’s also a way for your trainer to understand. They can identify more gaps than you can, so it gives them the data they need to make an informed decision to help you move forward and get the results you want.


What do you feel are the main parts that separate U.P. from any other personal trainers or fitness professionals?

I think what separates Ultimate Performance from other trainers is the level of expertise.

My trainer was very knowledgeable and professional throughout our time together.

I feel over the last few months, I’ve had questions every single day for my trainer.

I ask about diet, I ask about machines I’ve never seen before, I ask about how to do exercises correctly. I always get a comprehensive response, and I feel that I can always walk away with a really good understanding, whatever the question was. It helped me get definitive answers I’ve unsuccessfully searched for online over the past few years.


Would you have any advice for anyone thinking of starting a transformation here?

One piece of advice I would give to anybody that’s going to start out with Ultimate Performance is to prepare to hold yourself accountable. I think there is no magic tip that any trainer can give you that will just make your goals happen. It takes hard work. You have to eat the food yourself, lift the weight yourself, get those daily steps yourself. Your trainer can just lead you to the water, so to speak, but you still have to be the one to drink.

Where and how have you personally seen your body change the most?

I have seen my body change completely. If you look at the before and after pictures, it’s pretty incredible to see where I started just four months ago to where I’ve come now.

From top to bottom, I’ve seen my body change and I naturally feel different. I feel lighter on my feet, I feel stronger. My diet is significantly better, and I never really have stomach aches anymore. So it is a great change holistically.


Are friends and family noticing the results you’ve achieved?

I have gotten a lot of feedback from my friends when we’re out on the golf course or playing basketball. They’ve told me that I look significantly different than I did months ago. I also feel different even when I’m playing with my two-year-old son. When I’m carrying him up and down the steps, I feel lighter on my feet. I don’t feel as gassed. And that’s what really excites me: getting older, having that energy to play with my kids, and being healthy. Being able to get down on the ground and play with them is really important to me.


How do you think this experience will help you in your life in the future?

When I came to Ultimate Performance and now that I’m leaving, I don’t feel that I am out there on my own, back where I started. I feel like I’m leaving the gym with boatloads of knowledge, whether that be in the weight room or in the kitchen. I feel like I have all the information I need to continue on the road that we’ve started here. So I think that what I truly got out of this was a lifetime of feeling good and being healthy and being able to continue on this path for decades.

The biggest thing that stood out to me from Ultimate Performance these last four months is the results. I’m a numbers person, so being able to look back at the metrics from four months ago to the metrics today, it is a pretty drastic change. That’s incredible to see. And then you see the before and after pictures and it’s an awesome transformation. It took a lot of hard work, but it’s a great experience.


Don’t waste years of your life guessing how to get in shape. Partner with the world’s leading trainers and you’ll not just achieve incredible results – you’ll leave with the knowledge of how to eat and train so you can maintain them for life.


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