“I’m lighter, more agile and I can focus much better. I’ve made amazing progress very quickly. It’s almost like suddenly getting a superpower. It impacts almost every single corner of your life.”

When 38-year-old Mario’s first child was born, he put his fitness on a backburner.

What started as a brief pause, turned into a three-year hiatus from exercise that led to him gaining more and more weight.

Trying to stem the downward spiral, Mario joined Ultimate Performance and put himself in the hands of a world-class personal trainer.

The result was fast and furious! In just 13 weeks, Mario lost 12kg and packed on muscle mass to make him the strongest, happiest father he could be as he prepared to turn 40.

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What motivated you to join U.P.? 

I used to have so much more discipline to exercise and do things when I was younger. This was disrupted by the arrival of children, which was a joy, but obviously, I needed someone else to get me back in shape effectively.  

And you also want to be healthy for your children, right? You want to be able to pick them up and not cause injuries while you’re doing that, which was happening to me.

As a father almost in my 40s, you want to make sure that in your 50s and 60s, you can hold your children and go out with them clubbing if you have to.

If you start to put on weight and kind of let yourself go, that’s not possible. So that was definitely a motivator for me to come here. 

What do you enjoy about training at U.P.? 

The first thing I enjoyed was that it created a routine in my day.

The other thing I noticed pretty much from the first week was that despite the fact I was training effectively for a limited number of hours a week, I was getting a lot more results. So, a lot more ‘bang for my buck’, and that was amazing.

After the first week I was here, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was like, “oh, okay, I can see a difference.” The output-input dynamic is very different from other gyms I’ve been to before or working out on my own. 

After U.P., I’ll probably be able to do many more things by myself. But the main difference is understanding the correct way of working out.

I realised that I had been doing some exercises wrong my entire life, which was probably why I was getting injured. I’ve always suffered from knee problems; every time I did a squat, I would get those problems back.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had any problem with my knees over the last few months, and I’ve done some crazy exercises in terms of squatting, which I didn’t even think would be possible. 


How instrumental was your trainer during your transformation? 

I could see right off the bat that my trainer was very knowledgeable. It’s not just about if you lift heavy weights you will get bigger muscles.

She knew the science behind it, which I find incredibly interesting. It has given me a very different context and understanding how training works. This has been a huge motivator for me. Once I know the reason for doing something, I’ll do even more of it.

Aside from the motivation part of it, knowing how the body works and what you put in vs what you get out; understanding that dynamic has been extremely important for me. 

How do you feel now in your new body compared to when you first walked through the doors 13 weeks ago? 

When I walked through the door, there was dissatisfaction with the way I looked, but with the way things have evolved, I feel my biggest win is from the health perspective.

From an appearance perspective, the evolution has been incredible, and from a health perspective, I feel incredible.

I have cut down on some bad habits that have now effectively become old habits. It helped me kind of recalibrate my life and my body around it. 


Would you recommend U.P. to others? 

Yes. I’ve already done it. Because the change is so quick, people notice. So, I think the best advertisement is almost just walking around in the street, walking into the office or meeting friends.

As a result of that, I’m obviously telling people – “look, I’m doing this thing and I recommend it.” If you want to, if you put your mind to it, you can make it a long-term investment.

Because effectively, you almost radically change some of your habits, and you can use the things that you’ve learned, for example, walking a certain number of steps per day, for a long time to come.  


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