When the pandemic started, 57-year-old Marcel’s fitness regime ground to a halt and his health suffered.

He used to ride his bike and go to the gym three times a week, but for a whole year, he did nothing.

Hypnotherapist Marcel could see the pounds piling up in the mirror. He was always lean and slim previously, but his belly was growing, and he wasn’t happy.

Knowing he was no expert in exercise or nutrition, he decided he needed to work with real fitness professionals at Ultimate Performance to see what he could achieve.

The results of his 16-week program have exceeded all expectations – he is leaner, lighter and feels happy, confident and energised again.

“My belly has totally gone now. I’m very happy about that.

“Now I feel much more secure in my body. I feel energised.

“Every time I look in the mirror, I give myself a compliment, ‘You look great, for a 57-year-old guy!'”

Here Marcel explains how his personal training at U.P. helped him break out of his lockdown rut and into great shape again.

  Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to join Ultimate Performance?

It was Coronavirus. I was working out for myself three times a week before the pandemic, but when the lockdown hit, it was difficult to get into the gym. I’m not the type of person to go out on the street and work out, so I did nothing for almost a year. Slowly the gyms started opening again, and it was my weight. I wasn’t happy with it. I looked in the mirror and saw this big belly. I’d never had a belly before. This was the biggest problem. That’s the reason why I thought I’d join U.P. and see what results we could achieve.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, I felt physically trapped. I used to work out in the gym, and when the gyms closed, I couldn’t work out anymore. I also cycled a lot. I was cycling as usual, but my body gained weight because I wasn’t able to do my three sessions a week at the gym.

How would you describe your appearance before undergoing the transformation?

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, my belly was lean. Most people would say I was even skinny. So, Corona changed a lot for me.

What was the biggest problem that you were facing before you joined Ultimate Performance?

I was trying to work out myself and trying to do it as best as possible, but I’m not a specialist. I looked at other people and tried to do what they did. The effect was there, but I knew I could see better results after working with a personal trainer.

My nutrition before U.P. was I would eat everything and a lot of it. I didn’t use to think about what I was putting in my body. Before, I had never calculated calories. I’ve never thought about macros. Everything I do now, I learnt at U.P.

What was your lifestyle and activity level like before Ultimate Performance?

I used to sit down all day, working at my computer. I used to walk within my own apartment, walking just over to the bathroom. So not such. I used to cycle to town to get the groceries. I almost never walked in town. I used to cycle everywhere as Dutch people do.


What have you learned during your time at Ultimate Performance?

Looking at what I’m eating, knowing what I’m eating and learning the effect will be on the body of what I am eating. I’ve never tracked my food intake before. I just didn’t know.

During the workouts, the changes in the body, the correct form and how to execute the exercises, I learned a lot about that. I’ve learned my body can tolerate a lot more than I thought it could have. I’ve learned that I can walk a lot. Now, I do my 15,000 steps a day. I never did any steps, so that’s a big change. I have more energy and higher self-esteem now.

What does your husband think about your appearance now?

He is very excited about my transformation. He never thought I would lose the belly. He has seen that forever, the little belly, and now that is gone. He is very proud of me.

That gives me a nice feeling. I don’t do it for him, I do it for myself, but the fact he gives me compliments is nice.


What is your biggest achievement so far?

When looking in the mirror, looking at the tone of my body, my muscles are on show now. This is a very big plus.

Would you recommend Ultimate Performance to anyone else?

I would recommend U.P. to anyone who is insecure about themselves and who doesn’t know how to change the body that they are not happy with. I found out that in three or four months’ time, you can make a big change if you do it properly and have the right coach.




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