Jason was struggling to manage his ‘toxic’ diet and busy lifestyle.

Finding it tough to get into any kind of routine, after working with Ultimate Performance for just 11 weeks he saw results he could only dream of previously.

Losing 5kg and halving his body fat, Jason noticed evident changes in his posture and ongoing back pain he had been suffering from.

Now feeling better in himself both physically and mentally, Jason says he is more productive in his day-to-day tasks following his transformation.

“I feel a lot more productive at work, I’m up a lot earlier every morning and feeling fresher and brighter

“Generally going out over the weekend, I feel a lot more confident about myself and I’ve just got much better balance.”

After following a tailor-made plan set by his trainer, Jason was given a new lease of life in the gym and began to enjoy his training.

Making various lifestyle changes along the way, Jason talks to us about his astonishing 11-week transformation – here he explains how he achieved it.

  Ultimate Performance

What did your diet look like before working with U.P.?

My diet before joining U.P. was pretty toxic. It was whatever I could get my hands on, which consisted of a lot of takeaways and fast food. At weekends I was eating out a lot, which meant alcohol and more takeaways. I wasn’t really doing a lot of home cooking either which didn’t do me any good.


What have you enjoyed most about your transformation?

I think one of the biggest things about joining U.P. is the balance I’ve got in my life. Getting up every morning to train, going to work and finding the balance of eating healthy and eating right. It’s made me feel a lot better as a person. Physically I feel like a different person, I have a lot more energy and feel a lot happier with the way I look.

Before you started, would you say you ever felt anxious about your diet and lack of activity?

Yeah, I think mainly through my diet I just generally had quite a bit of a toxic thing coming out of COVID. It consisted of working long hours, a bad diet and heavy drinking, so since joining U.P. I feel a lot more productive at work. I’m up a lot earlier every morning and feel a lot fresher when I wake up.


What were your training sessions like before working with U.P.?

My typical training sessions before joining U.P. were very sporadic. I didn’t really have a routine with my training and that’s probably self-inflicted really. When I went to the gym and trained, I was probably quite sloppy in my workouts and didn’t push myself to the limit.

Something I noticed since joining U.P. has been my improved posture. When I used to train I would have quite a lot of back pain, probably due to bad posture, but now my back is a lot better. I feel like I can now lift heavier and generally just enjoy my training a lot more.

What would you consider the biggest learning curve of your transformation?

I think the biggest thing I learned is whilst I’ve been in a calorie deficit, I can still manage to keep myself full and keep myself active. I don’t think I could have eaten as lower calories as I’ve been doing by myself and still feel like I’m eating healthy. Also, learning about what types of foods to eat and different foods that fill me up more.


Are you feeling a lot more confident about yourself now, both in and out of the gym?

Yeah, I feel a lot more confident in the gym now than I did before and that’s mainly due to the way I’m lifting. I know more about the machines and the muscles I’m working and generally feel a lot better for it. I think the diet’s been a big, big help, I feel like I know a lot more about what I should and shouldn’t eat and the self-discipline that comes with it.

Can you tell me what it’s like training, here?

Of course, there are the obvious things like the good equipment and the gym’s friendly experience, but the biggest thing for me has been the one-on-one experience and the diet and planning.

The constant motivational text messages from my trainer and the training whilst I’m in the gym has been the structure I’ve needed. The tools I’ve been given and that sort of self-discipline have been a massive help.


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