Chaitanya was 50 and feeling like he couldn’t keep pace with life working in the media and entertainment industry.

After reaching almost 95kg throughout lockdown, his sedentary lifestyle left him feeling like he had ‘lost his edge’ in his ever-evolving role.

He struggled to engage himself mentally and physically at work, lacking the sharp focus he required.

Chaitanya felt like his best years might be behind him, and had almost resigned himself to a downward spiral of weight gain and poor health that can come with age.

Partnering with Ultimate Performance, he has transformed his health in just 26 weeks – losing 22kg and increasing his overall productivity.

Chaitanya feels like he has turned the clock back 30 years and is now brimming with confidence and new ideas.

“I work in a very dynamic business. You’ve got to be at the top of your game in an industry like media and entertainment.

“My transformation has naturally impacted every part of my life. Whether that’s work, sleep or relationships, I’m in much more control. I’m way healthier than I was in my twenties.”

Here, Chaitanya speaks about the value of science-backed personal training, the secret behind getting better-quality sleep, and how he has brought order to his ‘chaotic’ lifestyle.

 Chaitanyah M51 26wk Pt Mum Front Ultimate Performance


What motivated you to partner with U.P.?

I had not been doing much through the entire pandemic. Like most people, I was largely inactive because I was working from home and had a bout of COVID. Generally, I was sedentary and I put on a lot of weight. I think it escalated to something close to 95kg.


Before working with your trainer, can you tell me a little bit about your diet and lifestyle?

My lifestyle and diet before joining U.P. was a disaster. As I said, the pandemic meant I was not exercising or doing any physical activity. I was binge eating a lot, so my diet essentially involved a lot of snacking and late-night eating.

It was unhealthy, and I could see myself spiralling out of control. It reached September and I decided that I needed to do something about it. In a word, it was chaos.



How much more confidence do you feel now that you’ve finished your transformation?

It has 100% transformed my confidence. When you languish in that excess body weight, you are okay with it. You just marinate in it and get into a state of hopelessness where you have given up on everything.

As soon as you start shedding a little bit of excess weight and you see yourself transforming, it does a lot to your health and emotional wellbeing. In return, that gives you confidence and propels you to do much better at the gym.

I was inching closer to 50 when I joined U.P. and I honestly did not expect to be in this shape. I’m way healthier than I was in my twenties.


How has your transformation affected your life outside the gym?

I work in a very dynamic business. You’ve got to be at the top of your game in an industry like media and entertainment. When you are not in shape and carrying excess weight, you slowly sense that you’re losing your edge. It’s natural – at least for me it is.

When I saw the physical changes to my body and became sharper and more energetic, it naturally impacted every part of my life. Whether that’s work, sleep or relationships, I’m in much more control. At some point, you have to realise how important being healthy is. Everything will fall in place if you get enough sleep and eat right.



How do you feel now compared to when you started?

U.P. has been life-changing for me. I joined a few months after I had turned 50, which is a landmark year for most people, for me too. I believed that the best years of my life had gone by. I was not looking forward to my remaining years, I had a sense of resignation in how I was living.

However, I desperately wanted to break that pattern and be in a position where I could lead a wholesome life and look forward to every day. That’s why I chose U.P.

I feel proud that I have achieved what I set out to achieve thanks to the help of U.P.

I must mention my trainer, a lot of credit goes to him because he consistently motivated me through the good and bad days. It wasn’t easy, but my trainer was always there for me. That’s one key difference I really recognised between other gym programs I’ve been to.

At U.P., someone always has your back. My progress mattered to him, so we have both achieved the goal we set out to hit at the end of the day. That makes me feel incredible, in all honesty.



What are the most powerful lessons you have learned about training and nutrition?

U.P. taught me that there are a lot of myths about training and nutrition. For example, you’ve got to starve yourself to lose weight, or you must work in the gym around the clock to achieve results. I’ve now realised that all that can be put aside.

I trained for one hour four times a week and ate clean. My trainer showed me that you can have a fit, healthy lifestyle by working out for a few hours a week and eating right. He shattered a few myths for me and the scientific knowledge I learned was incredible.


Finally, what do you think is the secret behind your success at U.P.?

It’s a couple of things that come together and lead to incredible results. One area is the scientific approach to the training, I enjoyed that. How my program was designed around me was very impressive as well, everything that I did worked for me.

The nutrition plan worked and the support of everyone in the gym made U.P. a very motivational and encouraging place to train. In fact, the only thing that I brought to the table was just diligence and discipline.

I was a student and completely onboard, but everything else was U.P. I just showed up. It’s like they say – half the job is showing up. The other half was U.P.


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