Shirley wasn’t happy with the weight she had gained over the years.

It really hit home looking back over photos from a holiday in the US.

With her 50th birthday fast approaching, she set herself the challenge of getting in shape again.

But after years of doing Zumba, fitness classes and exercise ‘fads’, she needed something more structured and goal-focused.

LiveUP proved to be the perfect program with home workouts during lockdown, helping her lose over 8kg (19lbs) and slim down to a size 10.

But the real benefit from training with weights for the first time has been feeling stronger and more confident than ever.

 Shirly E F50 50wk Opt Front (1) Ultimate Performance

“The changes have certainly made me feel more confident in myself and much happier when looking in the mirror!

“I have seen strength gains –  from a very low base not having done weight training before, and I am lifting weights in the home gym that I never thought possible for me!

“Everybody is really supportive and welcoming. The coaches are knowledgeable and approachable. You have nothing to lose until you try it, and you will without doubt gain.”

It was cake decorator Shirley’s looming 50th birthday that got her thinking about fitness again.

She wanted to reach the milestone birthday feeling fit and fabulous.

 California, 2018.

“Looking back on my California holiday photos from 2018, I was unhappy with the weight I had put on and felt a lot chunkier than I was happy with.

“My self-esteem was reduced, it impacted my choice of clothes and how I felt wearing them, it made me feel less sociable at times.

“Approaching 50 and being unhappy with my body was the trigger. I really wanted to challenge myself.  I wanted to improve my nutrition and become stronger and leaner.

“The pandemic lockdown coupled with the fortune of having a home gym available made the home workouts I saw on LiveUP very appealing, and I had a perfect opportunity to give it a go.”

Shirley showing off her new body, looking fit and fabulous on her 50th birthday.

Shirley had never tried a 360-degree program before which focused on diet, exercise, lifestyle and accountability.

“I had never taken on a structured training plan before.

“Instead, I was always active trying everything from Zumba classes and home workouts to jogging and running clubs and gym memberships. But with all these various activities, I never achieved the results I was looking for and frequently became demotivated.

“The nutrition awareness and structure LiveUP has given me has made all the difference.”

Before she started LiveUP, Shirley’s diet was unhealthy and unstructured.

“I would describe my diet as trying to be healthy but frequently succumbing to treats and cheats!

“Typically, I would eat homemade food but then supplement it with processed snacks, especially things like cereal bars, those items that are advertised as healthy but I now know aren’t.”

LiveUP gave her a simple structure and some basic dietary principles to follow.

She has been able to enjoy healthy food and learn the art of portion control.

The result has been feeling slimmer, stronger and less bloated.

Shirley is still a busy working mum, but doing LiveUP has helped her find the structure around diet and exercise to stay in shape.

She has learned the tools to be able to maintain her health into her fifties and beyond.

“My lifestyle before LiveUP and after has not changed significantly. I am still an active, busy mum of two teenage kids.  But LiveUP has changed my mindset each day to ensure I fit exercise and good food habits into my daily routine.

“I have struggled to follow previous exercise regimes due to chronic migraines and hypothyroidism. I am hoping the change of diet and improved fitness will help.

“Coping with the menopause can be challenging, but the LiveUP program and its benefits will help me be more prepared physically.”

She has learned so much during her LiveUP transformation.

But the supportive community and knowledge available from the expert LiveUP team have been invaluable.

“I have got an education on lifting weights safely and progressively, the balance and structure of my training and the nutritional advice has been key to my improvements.

“The workouts have been hard but enjoyable, and the motivation it has provided has been a real benefit.

“The Facebook forum has been essential as a place to share the good and bad as well as feeling confident asking any question however stupid it seems to me!”



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