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Lex has lost 11kg and feels incredible after her 12-week transformation at Ultimate Performance Mayfair.


But seeing results she never thought possible isn’t even the most satisfying part of completing her journey with U.P.

It’s the education she has developed on the right way to train and eat for her body long-term that she feels is the most life-changing benefit.

Before, 37-year-old Lex would exercise five times a week doing cardio and classes, but not really understanding the science behind it or seeing the results.

It was the same with her diet. How she felt or looked on any given day she put down to ‘dumb luck’ rather than design.

But working with her U.P. trainer has put her firmly in control of her diet and enabled her to make educated choices to achieve exactly what she wants with her body.

Lex, who is director of operations at a non-profit organisation, has loved every minute of her transformation, which she says has been fun, challenging and inspiring.

“Physically, I look the best I ever have. I’m stronger than I have ever been. And I think my eyes have been opened in terms of what is possible to achieve.

  Lex-before-and-after-front-900 | Ultimate Performance



“I am far more knowledgeable about both diet and weightlifting technique than before. I was encouraged to ask questions and to seek understanding throughout – and that has given me the vital tools and knowledge I needed to ensure I can maintain my strength and condition in the long term.”

Here, Lex explains what inspired her to start her transformation, how training with weights has changed her body, and why investing in your education can give you long-term and sustainable results.


Why did you start training at U.P.?


I started training at Ultimate Performance because I’d been a regular gym-goer for a number of years. I’d done a lot of different classes focusing on weights and cardio and all that stuff, and I’d been living a reasonably healthy lifestyle, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see.

Then I happened to see someone on a TV show who also trained at Ultimate Performance, albeit in Manchester, and I was inspired.

I thought actually that person looks really strong and looked really good.

They had a body type that I really wanted to emulate.

I thought ‘Right! Let’s go and see what these guys are about!’

It’s fair to say that I significantly exceeded my own expectations in that 12-week period.


Before training with U.P., what were your diet and lifestyle like?


Before starting to train at Ultimate Performance, my lifestyle was reasonably healthy.

But I would say it was knowledge gleaned from magazines. There wasn’t a whole lot of science or structure behind my understanding of my diet and the impact that had on my performance in the gym.

Whilst I would exercise quite a lot, there wasn’t a great deal of knowledge that I had myself. So I would do the classes rather than just going to the gym and being able to just use the machines on my own.

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How quickly did you start seeing results?


Actually, really quite quickly! It was a combination of the weight coming off as a result of following the diet plan, but also just the encouragement I got to push myself a great deal more.

Certainly as a woman there’s an expectation that you won’t lift very heavy weights, and that absolutely went by the wayside when I joined Ultimate Performance.

With that encouragement I just saw massive results really quickly.


What would you say to other women who are thinking of joining U.P. but might be afraid of lifting weights?


For anyone else, woman or man, who hasn’t yet started weight training, I would say ‘get on with it. I don’t know what you’re waiting for!’

Honestly, you could sit there and think ‘oh, that’s not for me’ or ‘I don’t want to be a muscle-bound individual.’ It doesn’t have to be like that.

You will look and feel so much better.


What did you find as a result of training with U.P.?


In terms of numbers, I lost a significant amount of weight – from 64.8kg to 53.6kg in 12 weeks. Without feeling hungry! I also achieved a big uplift in the amount of weight I was able to lift and hold.

I also gained some personal time back. Previously, I’d go to the gym for fitness classes about five times a week. But over 12 weeks, I worked out no more than three times a week, for an hour each time. This feels way more sustainable and realistic in terms of balancing my life and social commitments.

But what is just as important for me, personally, is that I now feel that I have the understanding, training and knowledge to maintain my training levels – and to increase them as and when I wish to. I’m also 100% more comfortable in my own local gym using the machines and free weights.


What was your reaction to seeing your before and after photos?


My reaction to my before and after photos – well, my ‘before’ photos were pretty tragic. But my ‘after’ photos, had I not been there and done the 12 weeks, I probably would have thought they were photoshopped, I was that impressed with myself!


  Lex-before-and-after-back-900 | Ultimate Performance



What are the most life-changing things have you experienced during your program?


Probably the most life-changing things are actually just my awareness of the different kinds of exercises and how to perform them properly, and the awareness of my dietary choices and what that does to my performance in the gym.

So, I know how to live a far more balanced lifestyle. It’s a conscious decision I’ve made and an educated decision I’ve made, as opposed to occasional dumb luck and fortune in terms of what I look and feel like on a given day.


What specific benefit did you like most about your journey with U.P.?


The biggest long-term benefit, for me, it is the education side of the training.

I’ve never been afraid of weights, but if you’d told me at the start of my 12 weeks that I would be split-squatting 20kg dumbbells, I’d have laughed at you. But 12 weeks later, here I am.


Would you recommend U.P.?


I have already recommended training at U.P. to my friends and pretty much everyone I know.

I had a great time over the 12 weeks. I think I worked hard. There were definitely some exercises I did not enjoy as much as others, but yes, I loved it.

Seeing the results coming through so quickly definitely helped with that.





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