When Zoe became a new mum at 40, any time she’d had to focus on herself and her fitness quickly vanished.   
Motherhood became non-stop sleepless nights, feeding routines and caring for her baby daughter.   
Nine months into her new life as a mum, Zoe realised she had slipped into bad eating habits, she had gained weight and her confidence had suffered because of it.   
Wanting to feel good again and fit into her old clothes, she recruited the help of Ultimate Performance to give her the professional guidance and support to make the changes she wanted.   
Giving herself three hours a week in the gym at U.P. to prioritise her health and well-being has helped her lose 17kg (37lbs) and become the healthy role model she wants to be for her family and little girl.   

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“I genuinely didn’t think I would get to this weight on Day 1.   
“I thought I might lose a stone and I would be delighted with that – but it gets strangely addictive.   
“I’m just so proud and that just gives you that boost. Obviously, people telling you how fantastic you look is really good as well.”  

It was taking some time out on holiday over the summer when Zoe realised she needed to focus some time on her own wellness.

It was the first time she had stopped to draw breath after nine months of adapting to her new baby, but she knew it was time to make some fundamental changes.

“Having spent the summer in Spain, I was embarrassed to be in a swimming costume and had the excuse of having a nine-month baby, but I realised that it’s about time I do something about this and make a positive change.  
“My weight got out of control and I wasn’t happy with how my body looked. It impacted the way I felt about myself.   

“My confidence was affected because I had a wardrobe full of clothes that I couldn’t wear and I didn’t want to go and buy more because I would have to buy bigger sizes and I didn’t want to do that.”  

A big part of wanting to get fit again was being a healthy and active parent that her daughter could look up to.

“I’m a mum over 40, perhaps I haven’t got the energy, or I’m not as young as some of the other mums.   
“I wanted to make sure that I’m fit to be able to handle my daughter, especially now, when she’s started crawling and about to start walking, I need to be chasing after her, enjoy long walks with her, and not feel like a chore and I want to also be a role model to her.  
“I lacked confidence and started to tell myself that I wouldn’t be able to do certain things. I wanted to do something about it so that’s why I chose U.P. especially after seeing all the results online which motivated me to join.”  

Starting out was challenging because of her erratic schedules, but with the right training and monitoring, Zoe kept moving forwards with her trainer and made simple but effective lifestyle changes which transformed her and her family’s life completely.

“When I started with U.P., I was tired quite a lot because my daughter didn’t sleep through the night and I would make bad food choices. If I had a bad night with her, I’d go and get fast food and just eat a load of carbs.”  
“On the very first day, I cried on the way home because I was overwhelmed and I’ve been just so focused on my daughter for the previous nine months and through pregnancy, I was just making sure that I was doing the right thing.   
“The fact that you’ve got somebody watching what you’re doing is exactly what I needed — somebody who’s at the end of an email to help you when you’ve got a question can make sure that you’re doing the right things and can question when you have made a bad decision.”  

Working so closely with her dedicated trainer has been a learning process that has helped her build up the skills and habits to keep herself and her family healthy for life.

“Being able to re-educate myself and eat healthily has had a big impact on my family. Everybody has benefited from me making healthier choices but also learning about what my body can do, how you lift weights the correct way to get the best results has been fantastic.  
“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my husband. He’s eaten everything I’ve put in front and he’s benefited as well just from the food because he’s lost weight. He’s pleased. At times when I’ve wanted some chocolate, he said, “No, think of the scales tomorrow morning.” I feel happier and I’m just proud and that people are telling you how fantastic you look, just gives me that boost.”  

Her hard work finally paid off and her results spoke on behalf of the program. In 23 weeks, she has lost 17kg (37lbs), gaining back her confidence and energy while also grabbing people’s attention.

“The weight loss has just been fantastic. I can’t tell you how great it is.

“I actually can fit in the clothes that I’ve already got. My daughter turned one in November and I had quite a lot of people around for a birthday party for her and the reaction from all the guests was just fantastic and that made me feel just incredible when people tell you how great you look.”  


From sceptic to confident, Zoe’s transformation has positively impacted every area of her life. Now nothing feels impossible.

But the most gratifying part of her journey has been learning how to train safely and effectively to get results.

“Learning about my body and what my body can do, how to lift weights and lift weights in the correct way to get the best results, has been fantastic.   
“I thought weight lifting was all about keeping going heavier and heavier, but the form is so important and I never realised that.   
“I didn’t realise that I would be able to do what I’ve done at the beginning.   
“I enjoy coming and safely pushing myself. It’s a positive environment and everybody’s friendly.”



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