Hollywood actor and comedian Lamorne Morris is getting all the opportunities he never imagined he’d have now that he’s lost 30 lbs and built the body of a superhero.

The stressful lifestyle of a Hollywood actor took a toll on Lamorne and his health.

“I was out of shape. I was about 33% body fat, I was 186 or 188 lbs.

“I was in bad shape. I had no definition at all.

“I was skinny fat. I was like Jonah Hill… the current Jonah Hill; skinny arms, really big stomach.”



Tired of being typecast as the ‘funny fat dude’ in Hollywood, Lamorne wanted a change of direction in his career – and he has his mind set on one genre.

“Superheroes are the movies that are selling these days and all the movies that people are watching, and you know, those movies will turn an actor into a household name where you’re not busting your butt just to get a job sometimes, and that’s what I want to do.

“Shooting a superhero movie now, there are often talks about how an actor transforms into a character, but I don’t want to have to go and get into that shape when the time comes – I want to already be there.”

The desire to improve his health, coupled with the aspiration to advance his acting career, led Lamorne to joining Ultimate Performance Los Angeles, where he knew he’d be in safe hands having seen the before-and-afters and transformations that take place here.



Before joining U.P., Lamorne says his health was in a terrible state. He even went so far as to compare it to an outdated robot that was falling apart and had ceased to function.

“I was 35 when I started, but I felt like I was 55. Every part of my body hurt. Couldn’t get up, couldn’t wake up. I looked bad, you know what I mean?

“On camera, my face looked all crazy, and big, and bloated every single photoshoot. And I’m just like, goddammit!”

The fear of the weight piling on crept up on him, and he worried that it would add to his health issues, but personal training with us has since put an end to his concerns.

“I’ve lost over 30 lbs, and my body fat dropped down to about 15%!

“It feels really, really good to know that the rest of my life isn’t going to be like that. Because I used to think that I’m going to be that dude that’s got so many issues by the time he’s 40. And now I feel like I’m just going to only get in better shape.”


Lamorne Morris | Body Transformation | Side


However, his journey at U.P. was not all plain sailing.

Juggling between training and filming in various locations proved to be a constant battle for Lamorne throughout the program.

“The problem is, as an actor, sometimes you don’t know when your next job is coming and then you can’t say ‘no’ to your next job because it’s part of the reason why I’m training here.

“You have got to stay consistent with the program, but a lot of times I would have to go to a different country or go film somewhere, so it makes it harder based off of what’s available to eat and what gyms you have.

“Since I started training here, I’ve left LA for Africa for a month, London and Australia for a couple of weeks, and Mexico for two months. I’ve also been home to Chicago a couple of times, and I’ve been to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal a few times.

“I’ve been to all these different places within the last 11 months, so it’s shocking to see that I still managed to get results from my training.”


Lamorne Morris | Body Transformation | Training with Eddie Baruta


In addition to the expertise and tried-and-test plan that the program offers, Lamorne benefited from having someone there to keep him on track as well.

“Besides the actual principles of working out, and the diet, and the level of expertise that you’ve shown me, the main thing I would say that helped me here is the accountability.

“Being held accountable helped me a lot, because there are times where I just don’t want to come to the gym but I can’t not come to this. I felt like I’d be shamed if I didn’t show up.

“Once you show up, you know you’re going to get results.”

And the results he’s achieved at U.P. have been life-changing. Getting a sculpted superhero physique has transformed the self-professed ‘schlubby, big-bellied, funny actor dude’ into a whole new person.

“It’s like my whole life is different now.

“I have more confidence when I walk into an audition room and when I’m talking to the opposite sex. I’m just confident around people.

“I don’t feel ashamed anymore. Like, ‘Hey, go to a pool party?’ Absolutely! Before, I’d be like ‘I’ll just dip my feet in’, ‘Y’all get in it first, I’m going to come in after y’all’, ‘Oh, I can’t swim, I don’t want to jump in the water’. But now, I’m the first one to jump in, even if I can’t swim.”


Lamorne Morris | Body Transformation | Back


Other than his confidence levels, his physical improvement is particularly noticeable, especially by his co-stars and celeb friends.

“So I’m shooting this movie called Bloodshot with Vin Diesel, and Vin Diesel is an action star. He’s a badass dude.

“I made a joke to him about training and then he came back at me and was like, ‘Oh, I’ve been seeing you, just because you’re in shape now all of a sudden, looking good!’

“That felt good to hear an action star say that to you. He’s one of the biggest movie stars of all time, and to hear some recognition from it, it’s actually pretty cool.

“Even when I post on Instagram, some of my friends that are in shape or athletes, players who play for the Lakers know that I workout now, and they’ll say ‘Hey, come do workouts with us.’ That doesn’t make sense to me!”

Now that Lamorne has the body of his dream, he knows that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.

“It’s crazy. If you want to look like something, no matter what age you are, you can – and that’s so strange.

“You can transform your body if you just do it. There’s no reason you can’t do it.”

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