An accountant was inspired to take on a 12-week body transformation after seeing how weight lifting at Ultimate Performance had changed the life of TV actress Gemma Atkinson.

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Kylie embarked on her own transformation journey at UP with her partner Danny after seeing the incredible effects of strength training on Emmerdale star Gemma.

The 32-year-old former Hollyoaks actress is now an advocate of lifting weights after transforming her health, fitness and physique at UP – it’s something she blogs passionately about to her 238,000 social media followers.
Gemma Atkinson Instagram post

This was a message that resonated strongly with Kylie.

She says: “One of our mains things was, especially starting with UP, was following certain girls on Instagram. So, one in particular was Gemma Atkinson, who trains at UP, I think she’s in phenomenal shape.

“She’s got a great mindset and a great attitude, really positive and talking about weights and I was like ‘how is this even possible?’

“I think females have the wrong perspective, and they think it’s manly and makes you bigger, but it’s definitely nothing like that. So I would definitely recommend UP, I would definitely recommend it to anyone – and especially females.”

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Kylie actually first heard about UP after her boss at work achieved an incredible transformation at the gym.

“I’m an accountant, and I heard about UP from my boss. He had been training with UP for a few months, and myself and my boyfriend Danny, who also works with me, saw Dave’s result, and it was phenomenal, so we thought we would be interested in doing it together ourselves.”

Kylie's 12 week tranformation

Kylie took on her transformation journey alongside her boyfriend Danny – and she says it was a great motivator which kept her on track over the 12 weeks.

“Danny and myself, we trained together. So we had different personal trainers, but it’s brought us closer as well. It’s having someone else alongside you, throughout the 12 weeks, just helping each other out with any issues.

“I think it was good to have someone who understood and who related to what you were doing and was involved in the same process.

“Having him alongside me and doing the same thing, really helped out for both of us and both our results.”

Kylie says her UP training and nutrition plan has made a huge difference to her fitness in the gym. Not only that and her health and lifestyle outside of it.

“I feel like I’ve gained so much from it now. My sleeping pattern was all over the place before this and I didn’t realise like sleep could have a massive impact.

“I would always be up late and on social media then going to bed late. Then the next morning I would be absolutely exhausted going to work. I’ve really tried so hard to really switch off and James suggested different sleeping apps and I’ve really focussed on that now.”

She adds: “It’s helped me in my work life overall too. So I’m not having that sluggish feeling at 2 pm and thinking ‘oh I need chocolate’ or whatever. I know what foods I should have and I know what food is going to help that.”

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