Katie was stuck in the cycle of a classic yo-yo dieter – losing weight for summer and regaining it over the holidays.

Throwing herself into endless cardio during lockdown did more harm than good, leaving her burnt out, reaching for junk food and with no idea of how to look after herself.

After realising she had reached rock bottom in terms of motivation, Katie knew it was time for a lasting change.

Since joining Ultimate Performance, Katie has healed her relationship with food and exercise, while dropping an impressive 5kg (11lbs) in just 12 weeks.

  Ultimate Performance

“The biggest thing I’ll take away is the knowledge. I’ll have it for the rest of my life. It’s a total mindset shift.”

Before her transformation, Katie highlighted that her understanding of nutrition was very limited.

A vicious cycle of achieving no results and pushing herself too far with cardio was leaving her lacking energy and self-esteem.

Despite having all the tools needed to improve her fitness, Katie found herself taking the lazy route.

“I was using MFP to track my macros, but I was filling it with things like ice cream bites… or just the same meal every day.

“I started to run to stay in shape, and I got what I would consider ‘skinny fat’ – I was doing loads of cardio, but I wasn’t feeling good about myself or confident. I needed to make a change.

“I just didn’t understand the importance of things like fibre and micronutrients. I was just thinking of it from an Instagram perspective of thinking it’s just calories in versus calories out.”

Doing what she thought was good for her body was leaving her dissatisfied with how she looked. She found herself constantly falling back into emotional eating.

Her eating habits were becoming extremely unhealthy, while her haphazard exercise regime was not getting her anywhere.

After a long period of frustration and losing hope, Katie decided to call in the experts at U.P.

“I would say my motivation for coming here was, after a long year of coronavirus, I felt like I hit rock bottom. I needed to learn more about nutrition so I could stop yo-yo dieting.

“I needed to know how fitness actually worked, rather than how I thought it worked.”

As somebody who wasn’t new to training, Katie had a vague idea of what she was going to learn.

However, she could never have predicted the long-lasting, sustainable effects of a transformation at U.P.

“I was aware of some of the sacrifices I’d be making, but I had no idea how much I’d learn.”

Working alongside her trainer allowed Katie to discover the principles of nutrition that worked for her. She learned how to fill herself up for longer, eliminating the need to reach for sugar for short bursts of energy.

Coupled with finally understanding the nutritional need for protein in her diet, everything began to fall into place. Mastering her diet allowed Katie to achieve more than she could have ever imagined.

“I learned the importance of protein. I didn’t understand the timing of having 20g in each meal, after a workout. I was just doing a lot of fasted cardio.”

Once her relationship with food began to heal, Katie started to wave goodbye to her emotional eating habits.

Acknowledging how much she relied on food for comfort allowed Katie to find better outlets to relieve stress.

“The biggest takeaway was stopping the trend of emotional eating. When you think about life: you get a promotion, so you want to go out to dinner to celebrate. You have a bad day at work, so you want to have a glass of wine, or a piece of cake.

“The biggest change for me was learning to fill the emotional desire for food, with something else, like going for a walk or a bike ride.”

Since her transformation, Katie has been reflecting on her old ways. Despite spending a lot of time exercising previously, she realised that endless exercise was futile without a full change of lifestyle too.

Finding balance and absorbing knowledge from her trainer has allowed her to achieve the lean, toned body she has today, along with a transformed mindset.

“Instead of just tracking my macros, I actually think about what I’m putting into my body and how it’s fuelling me.

“My trainer is so numbers-driven and analytical, which is exactly how my brain works. I wanted to understand the science behind it.”

The importance of finding a like-minded trainer proved to be extremely beneficial, allowing Katie to feel comfortable to ask questions and perfect techniques.

Despite her busy lifestyle, Katie has learned that workouts can fit seamlessly around her job and social arrangements, leaving her fulfilled and in the best shape of her life.

“I actually think that I spent less time working out when I was part of the program, oddly enough!

“My results were amazing. I lost 11lbs and did my first pull-up.

“I know I can lift really heavy weights with guys that have massive arms and not feel intimidated.

“Thank you for teaching me how my body works and showing me what I’m capable of.”



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