Katherine had been on a weight loss journey for a while, but with her 60th birthday approaching, she wanted to step up a gear.

She had seen some jaw-dropping transformation pictures at Ultimate Performance and wanted to see what she could achieve for herself.

When she walked in the doors at U.P. Cheshire, 59-year-old Katherine weighed 91kg and worryingly high body fat levels.

Now, after eight months and several lockdowns later, and she 26kg lighter and feels in the slim, toned and in the shape of her life.

 Kath Transformation Ultimate Performance Front Ultimate Performance

“It’s just been phenomenal! Every time I look in the mirror, I notice something different. Just the other day, I thought – I can’t believe how thin my legs are!

“This is probably the slimmest I have ever been in my life. I am getting definition in my shoulders, on tops of my arms, back, everywhere!

“Some of the pictures I had seen on the Internet of the transformations at U.P. were just fantastic, and I wasn’t sure I would get to that.

“But I was just happy if I got a bit toned. U.P. has exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would get to.”

 Kath Cheshire Transformation Ultimate Performance Ultimate Performance

Katherine had been trying to lose weight for a while but was let down by her food choices and the lack of an exercise routine.

She had embarked on a healthy eating routine but needed a more structured approach to get results.

“My food before U.P. wasn’t so great. I would try to cook at home during the week, but it would be like pizzas and Indian takeaways on weekends. I was also drinking bottles of wine on the weekends.

“I had recently started following a healthy eating programme, and I was really enjoying it, so when I began at U.P., I was already in that mindset of following a healthy diet, so the beginning wasn’t such a shock to my system.”

“The difference with U.P. is about accountability and motivation. Normally things like birthdays or Christmas would throw me right off the track, but this time I was able to get back on the programme fairly easily and whatever weight I put on was lost within a couple of days. That just shows it works!”

 Kath 2018 Ultimate Performance

Along with the obvious disadvantages of carrying the extra weight, Katherine was also feeling the psychological and health effects of being overweight.

“I wasn’t very confident. I wouldn’t go out; I wasn’t very confident meeting people or talking to people. I always felt very self-conscious.

“Also, I was waking up with headaches and things like that, and it turned out that I have high blood pressure. I was on some medication for that, and since we have been doing this programme here, I have managed to halve my medication, and it’s quite stable now.”

 Kath Feb 2018 Ultimate Performance

It hasn’t just been her health and body shape that has improved before her eyes – her performance and capabilities in the gym are worlds apart from when she began her journey.

“When I first started here, one of my goals was to do lunges because I could never do it earlier.

“I would always pull my muscle, and it was really frustrating, but at U.P., my trainer supported me and worked around the problem right from the beginning. And now I am doing It!

“I am doing split squats with weights and without any problem at all. It is completely different from where we started a couple of months ago.

“I feel completely different – my confidence has been boosted, and I am walking better.

“My posture’s better, I am walking more upright, and general aches and pains that I was having before have just started to fade away.”

 Kath Ultimate Performance Cheshire Training Ultimate Performance

With successive lockdowns, Katherine’s transformation wasn’t always simple. But with her determination and strong willpower alongside the expertise of her trainer, getting results was actually a straightforward matter of trusting the process.

Seeing what she is capable of has lit a fire and motivated her to keep progressing even further.

“I just want to keep going; to get to my fullest potential really. I just want to be able to keep this tone and definition that have now and build my muscles up a bit. And maybe get a bit stronger.”

 Kath Before Lockdown 2020 Ultimate Performance



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