Ernesztina is strong, lean and brimming with self-confidence after getting in the best shape of her life in just 12 weeks with U.P.


Her self-confidence had slipped over the years and 34-year-old Ernesztina was not happy with her body or the way she looked any more.

Excuses always seemed to get in the way of making that decisive change, but she put aside the excuses and decided to dedicate herself to a body transformation at Ultimate Performance Singapore.

Training hard and heavy with weights, and getting a bespoke nutrition plan designed around her body goals helped her make an impressive transformation in a matter of weeks. She lost 5kg, a quarter of her body fat and sculpted the lean physique and abs she had always wanted.

Ernesztina started at U.P. because she wanted to look better, but after her 12 weeks she has been stunned by how much better she feels too.


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“At the beginning, I just wanted to build a beautiful body. I wanted to feel pretty again, and look good too.

“But I got a lot more – a positive mindset and a completely new lifestyle. U.P. is the BEST place to start changing your life!”

Ernesztina talks about her life-changing transformation and why it worked so well for her.


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What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from starting a transformation at U.P.?


To be honest, I was toying with the idea of starting a body transformation much earlier, but I always found a reason or excuse to put it off.

I felt that, generally, my life was really busy and that I had too much on my plate. It seemed too hard to schedule regular training into my daily routine.

I always tried to strive for perfection in other parts of my life; but I always put everything and everybody before myself.

I would have started the process sooner, but it had to come at the right time. I believe that everything happens for a reason! Now my time has come.

It was much simpler than I thought – I just had to make the decision. I realised that nothing should be more important than taking care of myself.

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Finally, I decided to make a change. My decision was supported by my husband as well, he knew that I was not satisfied with how I looked.


What did you find as a result of training with UP?


Thanks to my strict and very professional trainer, Dan, and the whole U.P. philosophy, I am stronger, healthier and happier than ever.

My body looks much more lean and toned now.

I always got the best guidance on how to do the exercises with the right technique, and I now feel more confident using heavy weights.

Now I know the importance of a proper nutrition plan which is absolutely the key for making a body transformation.

Also, I learned that I have to be persistent and more patient! I always wanted bigger changes, faster.


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I was always disappointed after my measurements, but then I realised that what I achieved with my U.P. trainer within 12 weeks was really fantastic!

He was always very positive, which helped me and encouraged me to believe both in the results and finally in myself.

I started to get back my lost self-confidence, which is a very good feeling. U.P. helped me to start to like myself again, and I am very thankful for this.

I’ve never thought that working with heavy weights was the key to transform my body and my mindset at the same time.


What specific benefit did you like most about your journey with U.P.?


The best benefits I got from this journey with U.P. was the way I now feel and the change in my lifestyle. My life has been turned upside down!


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When I arrived at U.P. for the first meeting, waiting for the initial consultation, I immediately felt like it was something special. It was “love at first sight”.

The atmosphere was so impressive. I saw clients training so hard with weights in this great environment, and I have never seen more professional trainers anywhere than here at U.P.

I made the decision immediately that I wanted to do this here and now, and nowhere else.

My only request was to be assigned a strict and strong-handed trainer who would push me as hard as possible throughout my 12 weeks. I made a wish, and it came true.

I enjoyed every session so much, even if I was completely exhausted at the end most of the time.


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What three other benefits have you taken away from your journey with UP?


Since starting my journey at U.P., fitness has become my passion.

I am more energetic, more positive, and most importantly, I am happier.

I found new friends who have the same motivation and goals. Our thinking and understanding about fitness is at the same level.

I like that everybody knows each other, and helps to encourage each other at U.P.


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I like the team and environment. When I am at the gym and doing my workout my only focus is on myself and enjoying the workout – that feeling is indescribable.

Would you recommend UP? If so, why?


I absolutely recommend U.P. to everyone who wants to take care of their health, body and mind.

U.P. has an excellent philosophy of personal training and they have an extremely well-equipped gym with the greatest training environment I have ever experienced.

They provide the absolutely highest level of personal training service with a team of world-class and experienced personal trainers.


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Getting results is very important to them so they really take care even when you are out of the gym and strictly monitor your nutrition day after day. They help you wherever you need.

Starting this journey was the best decision I have ever made.


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