Leo feels leaner, happier and more confident than ever with his new physique after his 19-week transformation at Ultimate Performance Singapore.

He had always been a keen sportsman and kept himself fit, trying everything from CrossFit and climbing, to running and swimming, but never found the right marriage of training and diet he needed to attain his ideal physique.

After 19 weeks of working one-to-one with his personal trainer at U.P., with a training and nutrition plan designed around his body, goals and his lifestyle, he achieved the best shape of his life.

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“I’ve lost about 12kg and dropped from 22% body fat to 14%. Overall I just feel leaner and happier.”

He didn’t have to spend hours in the gym every day, he could still enjoy his running and rock climbing, and he learned lifelong lessons about eating right and staying in shape.

Leo explains how he achieved his impressive transformation and the small changes he made which had such a big impact on his fitness, strength and physique.

What was your motivation to start a transformation?

It’s a combination of several things. Firstly, it was the fact that I have always been active and always done sports, but I never got the results that I thought I could get.

After seeing the advertisement and slogans of ‘we get you results’, that’s when I thought ‘let’s try it out.’

The fact that it was one-on-one training and that it was personalised and it was going to be something that fit my lifestyle and my workout habits really motivated me to try it out.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before starting with U.P.?

I was eating whole foods. But I was just eating the wrong amounts.

I didn’t have much structure with what I was eating.

In terms of workout style, I was doing quite a lot of sports, but really I was all over the place, trying new things, because you read things on the internet and if it worked for someone, why wouldn’t it work for you?

So it was a combination of those two things that didn’t really give me the results that I was looking for.

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How were your previous lifestyle habits making you feel?

I wouldn’t say I felt sad or frustrated. But there was a part of me that hadn’t achieved what I wanted to achieve.

I feel a lot better now. That’s a given. I feel a lot more confident.

I wouldn’t say I felt sad before, but I can feel the difference now in terms of confidence, posture, and even in terms of how to structure my day for workouts and meals.

It has had a very positive effect on my life.

How did your previous physique affect your confidence and personality?

I ignored it, I guess. It wasn’t something I was proud of, so I just did what I thought I was doing in terms of sports and nutrition and I thought I was doing the right thing.

But since I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I just put it on the side and ignored it and focused on other things, which I guess is another way of saying I wasn’t happy about how I felt.

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How quickly did you start seeing results?

I started seeing a drop in weight relatively quickly in the first few weeks.

Within two weeks I started to see that this could really lead to something, so let’s stick to it and let’s continue. It was quite motivating.

What changed when you came to U.P.?

I got a diet and workout plan that was structured to me, my work plan and how I could eat.

It also included the things that I like to do outside of the gym too.

I still like rock climbing, but instead of leaving that on the side and focusing on the gym, we included that into my training.

I enjoy running, so we included that into my training too.

It gave me structure and it simplified my day too – so I knew what I had to do and by when.

What training have you done in the past and how does it compare to U.P.?

I’ve done a lot of training – a lot of unstructured training.

I tried Crossfit, running, swimming, and it was all very unstructured.

It was just seeing new things and trying new things, but nothing as tailored to me as I’m doing now.

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How do you feel physically and mentally compared to when you first started?

I feel a lot more confident.

U.P. has helped me simplify the part of my life I was concerned about, and that I had in the back of my mind.

Now I know what to do in terms of workout routine and meal habits. I just follow that plan and I have more time to focus on other things as well.

It has freed up my time to focus on other things I need to do.

How has your training and diet improved your lifestyle outside of the gym?

It’s made it easier to know what I can do, and what I should be eating.

I work as a consultant and I have a lot of lunches and dinners, so it helps me structure what I should be eating for breakfast, so that whatever I eat or drink while I’m out with clients won’t impact on my meal plan. It has been very positive and an unexpected side of it that I enjoy.

What did you think when you saw the results on the wall – did you think this was achievable for you?

Did I think it was possible? No. In the back of my mind it was something I wanted, but I didn’t really think it was possible.

So when I saw the pictures I was really happy. It was proof that if you follow the plan and really stick to it, then you can get those results.

It’s money well spent.

What would you say to people who think our results aren’t possible?

I would say ‘if you want to do it, you can do it’. It’s as simple as that.

If you have consistency and stick to the plan that your trainer has given you, you have that open discussion with what works for you, what’s been difficult, what’s been easy, and you continually work with them to adapt what works for you, then of course it’s achievable.

It’s not easy, by any means, but it is definitely achievable.

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What are the most powerful lessons you’ve learned about training and nutrition?

Consistency. Consistency in terms of your meal plan, consistency in terms of your workout plan.

It’s the only way to get results.

You get the plan and you stick to it, instead of jumping back and forth, and you really have to ignore the thousands of things you read on the internet.

What is the magic ingredient to success here?

Dedication. If you really want it to happen, you will make it happen.

It’s not a good investment if you’re not going to dedicate yourself to it and you would be wasting your trainer’s time as well.

I would recommend it to people who really want to see that change is viable.

If you dedicate yourself, you will definitely achieve it.

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