Joanna’s ‘torturous’ menopause symptoms left her trapped in a miserable downward spiral.

Experiencing low moods, she regularly turned to junk food and chocolate to make herself feel better.

But while she was feeding her appetite, her weight was only creeping up. Every time she looked in the mirror, she saw an ageing, tired and overweight woman who had lost her way.

At 53, Joanna’s menopause symptoms ranged from frustrating brain fog to painful joints, which as she told The Daily Express, quickly began to take a toll on her health and well-being.

“I suffered from brain fog, concentration issues, low mood, excessive weight gain and aching joints. Even my skin became really dry and itchy.

“Oddly enough, I didn’t experience the hot flushes that some women do but I had zero energy and no motivation whatsoever.

 J1 Ultimate Performance

I’d noticeably lost a lot of the strength I’d once had and I felt like I’d lost control of the direction my life was going. I wasn’t in a good place.

Joanna was desperate to do something about the fat around her stomach, that she compared to a ‘spare tyre’. 

She wasn’t happy with the way she looked, and her menopause symptoms were only adding to the overwhelming mental and physical discomfort she was feeling.  

“When I looked in the mirror, I saw an aging, tired, overweight woman who had lost her way.  

“Not only did I want to shift the fat that was creeping up and up, but I was also curious to see what lay beneath the surface and discover how my body could look with the right guidance.” 

With a goal clear in her mind, Joanna decided to face up to her menopause struggles.  

After consultations with doctors and menopause specialists, it was weight training with Ultimate Performance that gave her strength, resilience, and remarkable body transformation results.   

She lost 10kg, dropped two dress sizes and now feels great about her figure…  

“Nothing can truly prepare a woman for menopause, in my opinion. I found the symptoms I had really challenging, and completely overwhelming at times, trying to function as usual.  

“After chatting things through with my GP and having a session with a menopause consultant, I decided not to go down the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) route and opted instead for a more natural path of lifestyle changes to improve things.  

Training with Ultimate Performance without a doubt released endorphins in my body, and the more progress I made, the better I felt about myself.

“I became more resilient and my internal coping mechanisms felt robust again. I saw my motivation increase too and it wasn’t long before I felt a complete change of mindset.” 

Joanna has seen her post-menopausal body transform entirely, preparing her for her professional photo shoot in just 20 weeks. 

She’s thrilled with what she’s achieved and reminds women who are in similar situations to her that they can see great changes to their bodies by lifting weights.   

Whatever shape you are in now, it’s never too late to begin making positive changes to your health and fitness.

“Being active at any age is important, but as we get older, retaining and increasing muscle mass is even more essential.  

“For women, especially those approaching or going through menopause, nutrition and exercising for stronger bones and muscles is particularly important. Increasing muscle mass should be one of the primary goals.” 

“When you walk through the doors at Ultimate Performance, you are in no way alone. You’ll find yourself amongst friendly, highly professional personal trainers and other like-minded people on a similar transformation journey to your own. 

“All you need to do is take the first step.” 

If menopause symptoms are getting the better of you and affecting your quality of life, personal training could make all the difference to your health.  

Whatever your starting point, age or ability find out how a U.P. personal trainer can help you rediscover your confidence post-menopause.    

Enquire now by filling out the form below, to take your first step.

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