Jessicahb-20s-40wk-pt-mcr-front-900 Ultimate Performance

My toughest month yet, but also the most rewarding by a country mile.

There’s not a better feeling in the world than committing to a body-transformation and getting a better result than you ever imagined. The process works if you trust it and go with the flow.

Week 9: Out with the old, in with the new!

 Jess-in-gym-dumbbell Ultimate Performance

Week nine saw in a change in the U.P. Manchester gym. U.P. mix-up clients’ programs up every so often to ensure stagnation doesn’t occur physically and mentally. Technically, most people won’t need to make huge changes to their exercise but it’s good to keep it fresh! I, for one, was quite excited to try out some new stuff. Between you and me, there’s only so many reps on the hack squat one girl can take (much to Joe’s dismay!)

I feel like switching up the sessions has really pushed me further in terms of knowing my own ability, it’s great to see myself able to adapt to change – something I’d struggled with previously.

Week 10: Lifted UP

After taking to the new program like a duck to water, I found my confidence in the gym growing exponentially. Gone were the days I couldn’t look in the mirror, or even help my trainer with the weights, through fear of feeling silly. My new-found confidence seems to be translating into personal bests at the gym! I finally got to 117kg on the deadlift and found myself at the top of the leaderboard for the pendulum challenge, two things I never thought I was even close to achieving when starting my body-transformation.


 Jess-gym-challenge Ultimate Performance

Week 11: What goes up, must come down

Sadly, the highs of the week before turned into a few lows. For the first time in a long time, I was unwell and found my abilities in the gym slip a little. You can’t be at the top 100% of the time and as hard as I tried to carry on as normal, I had my first session where I truly couldn’t find the effort to smash my sessions, as I had been doing previously. Joe had warned me that we’d have to take it easy but being the perfectionist I am, I didn’t want to admit failure and tried my best to continue as normal. This resulted in my worst session to date and the mother of all breakdowns. As you probably saw from the footage, I just couldn’t do it. In hindsight, I should’ve listened to and trusted my trainer – I wasn’t feeling good and therefore should’ve taken a step back. It was a learning, for sure. After taking a break from Strongman that week and dialling down the cardio/training I felt much better and ready to take on another week in the gym – thankfully!


 Jess-social-update Ultimate Performance

Week 12: Proud, but never satisfied

An exciting week – my final 7 days on transformation, officially. Having lost over 15kg, I couldn’t help but think I needed to achieve more. Again, I was probably being too hard on myself (as we all are sometimes.) On reflection, I’d achieved a hell of a lot in just 12 short weeks:

  • Two dress sizes down
  • TWO SHOE SIZES DOWN – this one was a shock, I truly couldn’t believe how much my feet had shrunk. It’s a thing supposedly, but obviously quite bad for my purse…
  • 15kg (2.3 stone) gone forever
  • Confidence restored – No more covering mirrors and avoiding eye contact
  • Anxiety lessened – I now feel more comfortable in social situations, group activities don’t give me the fear they used to
  • Lifting HEAVY – this one was never a ‘goal’ as such, I had no knowledge of any weight lifting prior to my time at U.P. but I got seriously competitive with myself over the three months. I really think this was one of the reasons I managed to keep my head in the game

It’s easy to be your own worst enemy but it’s always useful to keep a checklist of your milestones to keep yourself positive.


 Jess-social-weight Ultimate Performance

The twelve-week roundup: Living my best life

Week Twelve: In the bag. I can’t believe how quickly the three months went – some days felt longer than a week, other weeks flew by in what felt like a day. This was supposed to be my last week on body-transformation but having made the progress I’d made, Nick Mitchell allowed me to carry on with my journey! I cannot describe how happy I was when I was told that I was allowed to continue to smash my long-term goals with Joe. Don’t get me wrong, I was apprehensive – another however many weeks of hard graft terrified me a little. With no end date in sight, I was eager to set out some new goals to keep myself on track: Get carbs back into my life – one way, or another, I needed some sweet potato to brighten up my day Keep increasing my PBs – progressive overload is the best way to achieve a truly outstanding body-transformation Photoshoot? This one is a pipedream of mine. I would love to be able to grace the red carpet with a fake tan and tiny shorts, only time and dedication will tell if this is possible… It would seem you’re all stuck with me for the foreseeable future, keep an eye on our social media channels for regular updated of my progress and please message us if you’d like first-hand insight into our U.P. body-transformations. Next stop: 20kg!





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