Jen had battled anorexia for most of her adult life.

She had endured a bad relationship with food since she was a teenager.

Body image issues had pushed her towards extreme dieting and unsustainable fitness fads in the past.

Over the past two years her weight had crept up and her confidence had taken a hit. She was worried she would slip back into her bad old ways of dealing with weight gain.

But with her wedding on the horizon, 36-year-old Jen wanted to make lasting changes to her body in a way that was both healthy and sustainable.

We helped her achieve the body shape she had always wanted and to repair her broken relationship with food.

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“I have lost 22 lbs and almost 10% body fat – this is incredible to me!

“But best of all is that I have developed a healthy relationship with food and exercise that no treatment center or therapist in the past 20 years had been able to help me achieve.”

Jen’s original motivation for starting her transformation was her wedding day.

Even though it was nearly 12 months away, Jen wanted to get all the hard work done early, giving her plenty of time to spare.

She signed up for a transformation with her fiancé, Simon.

“With our wedding date set for Autumn of 2019 and both having gained some ‘comfortable/happy’ weight (that was seriously affecting my confidence) my fiancé and I decided to take the plunge together and embark on a 12-week transformation.

“We were both mesmerized by the before and after images, and we trawled through on the U.P. website and on social media and I had full faith in my fiancé, but deep down I never really believed I could achieve anything near what these promised.”


This self-doubt came from nearly two decades of struggling with an eating disorder and damaging habits around food and exercise.

“Having battled with chronic anorexia, weight, food and bad body image for the best part of my adult life, I was no stranger to fad diets and fitness regimes and thought I had tried everything to become ‘the best version of me’.

“I had gradually gained weight over a two-year period and had struggled with an eating disorder for some time. I was at my heaviest I had been since being a teenager.

“I was concerned I was going to slip into old ways of losing weight that were not good ways of losing weight.”

What Jen was doing wasn’t working. She desperately wanted something to make the dramatic and lasting changes she wanted.

“I genuinely thought my eating and lifestyle weren’t that bad and I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight.

“I was frustrated and constantly trying to do more and more and eat less and less.

“Now, having gone through this process, I realize that there are lots of reasons why I had gotten to where I was.”



“My lifestyle was a lot worse than I thought it was.”

Jen was snacking a lot. But what was more alarming was that her food intake had gone badly downhill without her realising it.

She was not eating breakfast, not having a proper lunch and was eating the majority of her food in the evening.

“My relationship with food was really bad. My relationship with exercise relied on fad exercise classes that were the next new thing, but I never really stuck at anything because it never seemed like it was working, so I was constantly jumping from one thing to the next.”

Jen needed the guidance and support of a professional personal trainer.

She found that and much more when she started working with her trainer, Matt, at Ultimate Performance.

Nothing was sugar-coated, Jen says. She knew it would be tough, but the rewards for her health and her body were more than worth it.

“My trainer has been the key to my Ultimate Performance experience.

“My trainer was brutally honest with me from day one that this was going to be tough, but that he had full faith that I could achieve my goals. I spent only 36 hours of the whole 12 weeks actually in the gym with my trainer, but he made sure every minute of each hour counted.”

The expert help, support and guidance don’t start and end at the gym door.

Jen’s trainer was there around the clock, every step of the way, helping her adjust to the program, teach healthy new habits and excel on her transformation journey.

“Outside of these gym hours, I felt just as supported by my trainer as inside. This is one of the keys to it all, that you have that person on your side caring just as much about your progress as you do, encouraging you every day to achieve your goals!

“The attention to detail, professionalism and dedication to hard work and effort from all the Ultimate Performance trainers is infectious and something that I believe you either ‘have’ or ‘don’t have’ – all the trainers ‘have’ this and it makes U.P. the remarkable institution that it is!”

Physically, Jen is in the best shape of her life and ready for her wedding.


She is thrilled with the results of her transformation.

“I feel like a different person – I’m happy again, I have energy, and I feel excited to come to the gym.

“This transformation has completely overhauled my life, my outlook on health and nutrition, and how I lead my life in general.

“I thought l was going to come here and lose weight and, at best, gain a bit of muscle – get my body looking good.

“But it’s been much, much more than that.

“It’s changed my confidence levels. Even with my health, I’ve seen a lot of changes with my hair, skin and nails. Everything. It’s been a full overhaul.”

One of the biggest things Jen has taken from the transformation experience is becoming educated on nutrition and fundamentally changing her relationship with food.

“It’s built for the first time, since I was a 15-year-old, a healthy relationship with food and meals, which I never dreamed I would get.

“I’ve had a rollercoaster of 25 or 26 years of seeing psychologists, in-patient treatments – anything and everything that could help me with that battle with food, body image and that number on the scales.

“In 12 weeks, that has been forever fixed. I’m just so grateful. It’s the best thing. I’m really proud and really happy.”

Now, instead of resorting to unhealthy methods of managing her weight, Jen feels she has the tools and knowledge to lead a balanced life.

She understands the foods and training methods that work best for her body and isn’t fixated on the number on the scales.

“I can eat sensibly, happily and without guilt. It’s changed my mindset around food dramatically.

“I’m super excited that I can enjoy foods I would never allow myself to have before.

“I’ve eaten foods I’ve never before allowed myself to eat and I’ve learned to love them and enjoy them and learned that they don’t tip the scales one way or another as long as I’m careful.

“I’ve learned that trust in food and trust in my body.”

Jen is free of worry about her weight and is back in control of her diet.

But most importantly, she is excited about the future and her healthy new lifestyle.

“Thank you, Matt and U.P. for making me believe in myself and setting me up for what I know will now be a more balanced, happier and healthier life with my future husband!”

Jen is not only in the best shape of her life for her wedding, but has a healthy relationship with food and her body. Whatever your fitness goals are, we can help you achieve them – fill in the enquiry form below to get started.


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