Jeff’s Incredible 18-week transformation beats 10 years training on his own

For 10 years, Jeff trained on his own and tried everything to lose weight.

But since his days in the Army, he lost his spark for fitness, so he never achieved the results he wanted.

He never felt confident in his body and wasn’t happy about taking his shirt off at the beach. But instead of living with his unhappiness, 30-year-old trader Jeff did something about it.

Partnering with the experts at Ultimate Performance helped him achieve an incredible body transformation that has restored his confidence and his passion for fitness.

“It’s changed the way I look at myself. Right now, I am very confident with my body, and my self-esteem has improved.   

“My mind is stronger now too. My level of discipline has increased.”  

Before Ultimate Performance, Jeff had struggled with his weight for years, bouncing from program to program with little or no success.

It was affecting his confidence.

“My eighteen weeks at U.P. has been an amazing journey. My trainer was very professional. With his guidance, I have managed to achieve amazing results I never thought possible. I have lost 26kg (57lbs)!”

“In the past, I was really overweight and fat. I remember that there were a couple of situations where I felt like I really disliked my body. For example, if my friends were to ask me out to the beach, I wouldn’t go with them because I didn’t want to take my shirt off. Or when I used to go to CrossFit gyms, where people just take off their top and work out, and I couldn’t do that, even when I was 80kg (176lbs).  

“I’ve been training on my own for at least 10 years, ever since my Army days, and this is something different from what I’m used to.   

“It’s just so simple, you just have to be in a calorie deficit and just do what you can do beyond the deficit. A little trick, no snacks here and there helped, and I learned quite a lot on this area.”