Time-poor CEO Jon was throwing everything he had into work, forgetting to prioritise his health and confidence.

As lockdown hit, Jon began reaching for junk food to avoid boredom, which was only worsened by his partner working away.

After a whole year, the pandemic took its toll and Jon realised his weight had crept up on him, causing his self-esteem to crash. This left him at an all-time low, feeling lonely and aimless.

Since joining Ultimate Performance, 38-year-old Jon is healthier than he has been in a decade, losing an incredible 14kg (31lbs).

 Jonp-m38-10wk-pt-mum-front Ultimate Performance

“When we sat down and discussed my weight goal, that I was going to achieve in 10 weeks, I said it wasn’t possible. I couldn’t remember ever having been that weight, even since childhood. But we got there and surpassed it.

“If I think back to five years ago, or even 10 years ago, I’m in way better shape.”

Before starting his U.P. transformation, Jon had been a fit, active person. Scheduling in time to work out had never been an issue. However, having to regularly be away from home for work meant that fast food was never too far out of reach.

“My job involves lots of travel, airports and junk food.

“I haven’t applied myself when it comes to nutrition.”

As the pandemic hit, Jon’s lack of interest in healthy, home-cooked food became more of a problem. With junk food on-hand constantly, combined with his partner also travelling for work, Jon’s eating spiralled out of control.

“Lockdown gave me a whole new perspective. I started to see a real deterioration in my diet because food was very convenient.

“Twelve months into lockdown, I realised I’d put on a reasonable amount of weight. This left me looking for an outlet to set me back on track.”

Noticing a considerable weight gain left Jon’s self-image rock bottom. After trying and failing to find a personal trainer that felt right for him, he realised that an intensive program was the only way to get back to feeling good about himself.

Very quickly, Jon noticed the difference between U.P. and a commercial gym, highlighting the personal touch that the trainers provided.

“I wanted guidance and to be held accountable.

“I’ve had lots of personal trainers, but no one has provided the holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, sleep, emotion and sluggishness.

“Most PTs before have seen it as you come and see them for an hour and then once the hour is up, you’re not their client anymore.”

The U.P. journey turned out to be about so much more than just exercise. Where Jon’s health was truly lacking was nutritionally, as he always found himself choosing sugary snacks over food that would sustain him.

Now, Jon has come to realise that switching up your diet doesn’t mean eating only boring foods.

“With U.P., the hour I spend is just a small part of the support network that they provide throughout the rest of the day, from a wellbeing perspective.

“I shared the knowledge with family and friends that you can eat a lot more than you realise.”

One of the biggest takeaways for Jon has been an awareness of just how much food his body needs. Rather than eating for the sake of it, he now reaches for more nutrient-rich options, allowing him to remain full for longer.

“I hope it has given me an awareness that I don’t have to overeat – even on a big calorie deficit, I very rarely felt hungry and was very satisfied while eating clean.”

Now, his friends and family can’t believe what Jon has managed to achieve in such a short period of time. As somebody that was sceptical himself, Jon hopes he can become a beacon of encouragement for cynics.

“My whole team has noticed a change in my appearance and energy levels.

“When I came here, it wasn’t really about the weight loss – it was about feeling satisfied with myself. I feel good about things now.”

As well as achieving a svelte, toned-looking physique, Jon has marvelled at his physical fitness levels, obtained through determination and holding himself accountable for his actions.

After accomplishing more than he ever thought possible, Jon hopes that his workforce will be inspired by his dedication and commitment. His hard work has prevailed, leaving him with the skills and knowledge to continue to thrive.

“What my colleagues have observed over the past 10 weeks is that any task, whether it is transforming your body or work-related, can be achieved with the right dedication and focus.

“When I bought my first pair of work trousers, years ago, they would have been a 28- or 30-inch waist. Slowly over the years I progressed to a 35 – now I wish I hadn’t thrown away the smaller trousers!”



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