Chief investment officer Imran had seen his weight creep up over the Covid-19 lockdown, and it was beginning to take its toll.

His clothes didn’t fit anymore, and he was becoming more worried about his high blood pressure.

Now 43 and with a young family, he knew it was time to start prioritising his health and become a fit and active role model for his children.

Working with the experts at Ultimate Performance not only helped him lose over 20kg (44lbs) but amazed his doctors by nudging all his health markers back into the green in a matter of weeks.

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“I feel euphoric having achieved this transformation, is a great feeling. I’m over 20kg (44lbs) down, and the body fat has gone down to 12%, which I’ve never been able to achieve.  

“I can focus better at work, feel so much stronger, confident when I’m running, walking, or climbing up and down the stairs even though my legs were weak before I came in.  

“With blood pressure, I was on daily medication. After a few weeks, I completely was off the blood pressure medication.”  

It was Imran’s busy work life entertaining clients that meant he was unable to maintain a healthy diet and body weight on his own.

The pandemic didn’t help either – and like many people, lockdown sent the number on the scales higher to the point where none of his old suits fit anymore.

“Over the last six to nine months, there was an aspect of weight creep. I had put on weight through Covid.  

“The nature of my job, I entertain clients, go out and eat, and it was getting to a level where it was becoming unhealthy.   

“I didn’t fit into my regular suits and clothes, my blood pressure was high, and I also wanted to be a role model for my kids.”  

His head was turned by the incredible transformation results at U.P. With his work and life commitments very full-on, he wondered whether he really be able to accomplish this too.


“I’ve always been confident in anything that I do. When I saw U.P. and the adverts at the beginning of the amazing and radical transformations, I thought ‘Am I going to be able to achieve that?’ 

“Because the before and after pictures are so different. Your confidence is tested at that level, and I was unsure if I was going to be able to achieve.”  

But starting his transformation and being partnered with a true personal training professional who was there to manage every aspect of his journey, he felt at ease.

And when he began to see his weight drop and his body changing in the first few weeks, he knew he was on the right path.

“Within two to three weeks in, the weight started dropping just by following good eating habits and taking direction from the trainer.  

“My body fat percentage started decreasing till about 12% and the shape of the body, the tightening of the muscles.”  

But perhaps the biggest and most profound change was with his health. High blood pressure that had been troubling him for years was rectified in a few weeks.

His doctor couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I was living with slightly elevated blood pressure for many years. Shortly after starting, my blood pressure started to go down, and within three weeks, my blood pressure was normalised, which was miraculous.   

“I went to visit my doctor, and he was very impressed.

“The doctor looked at my blood pressure and completely said ‘your blood pressure is now normalised; you’re off your tablets.’ That was a big achievement.”  

“Also, over this period, I did my blood work, and all my markers were extremely healthy. Everything was perfect in terms of cholesterol levels and so on.”


Besides the mind-blowing physical changes in Imran’s life, the training program at Ultimate Performance also positively impacted aspects of his life outside the gym.

The results spoke on behalf of U.P.’s training program when his transformation caught the eyes of everyone around him, and the compliments kept rolling in.

“I get on calls with my father and brothers, and they started to notice the impact of my face and how it was changing and feeling healthier.   

“Friends at work were surprised and were in awe of how quickly I managed to lose weight. I remember going to a garden party with close friends who I hadn’t seen in for four or five months, and everyone was just cheering and shocked to see that transformation.”  

His friends were clearly impressed with the change – but more importantly, for him, his transformation has been an inspiring exemplar for his children.

“It’s always important to be a role model to your children across all aspects of your life. Having my children see me waking up three times a week in the morning, going to the gym, doing that exercise, and seeing my body shaping over this time and noticing my eating habits, has taught them a lot.  

“Before we had this unhealthy relationship with food. How that’s changed is now is we’re very much conscious when we go out, the types of decisions we make.   

“My relationship with my kids has become more of a mentor in terms of the transfer of knowledge which has happened from the trainer to me and them and my wife as well.”  

Feeling euphoric with his achievement, nothing but the results mattered to Imran when it came to his fitness journey.

The whole experience at U.P. has helped him discover the magic ingredient for success at body transformation and other aspects in life.

“When you’re going to achieve such great results, it’s not going to be easy. It was a great journey, and I enjoyed the process.

“You cannot put a value on the health benefits, and this is value for money. Health is wealth! What I have achieved in terms of my health – generally, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life today.

“It is definitely worth it. Having a six-pack, that lean body fat, looking and feeling good is always a bonus.”



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