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Husband and wife Doug and Jessica made the perfect training partners as they achieved a stunning 24-week transformation together.


The couple came to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong Central to improve their health and get in better shape.

Together they achieved spectacular transformations training side by side with a personal trainer to become a true power couple.

Jessica, who is 36, lost a third of her body fat and got in the best shape of her life, while her husband Doug lost 12kg and got down to a super-lean 9% body fat before his 50th birthday.

Their results were incredible and their hard work together in the gym saw them become joint Clients of the Month at U.P. Hong Kong Central.

They are thrilled with their impressive new bodies and what they achieved over the 24 weeks.


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-muscle-weight-training Ultimate Performance

Doug and Jessica made their transformations together training side by side


“I’m very pleased with my results – it’s worth every penny of money and every ounce of effort,” said Doug.

“My wife likes the new body. She’s very impressed.

“It’s like an investment into your relationship. You’re looking good not just for yourself, but for the person you care about too. That’s important to us.”

Jessica added: “More than anything we have enjoyed every step of the journey. It’s challenging at times, but the reward is so worth it.

“You can’t put a price on health, and I feel healthier than ever.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-doug-hug Ultimate Performance

The couple are happier than ever with their fitter, healthier and leaner new bodies.


Doug and Jess came to U.P. with the simple goal of getting fitter. Jessica had trained with personal trainer before, but she had hit a plateau and wasn’t progressing.

“I thought that I had enough knowledge myself of training and eating well to get into good shape, become healthier and lose body fat, and that I didn’t need anyone to help me do it.

“I was already going to the gym and have always been into sport and training. I have also used personal trainers in the past and felt that I had probably picked up enough knowledge along the way to get me to where I wanted to be.

“But the truth is I was just plateauing the whole time, and I couldn’t have been more wrong!”

Doug really wanted to get his motivation back to get fit and healthy as he approached his 50th birthday.


“I had got to a point where I thought ‘I’m older now, I don’t have to be in shape,’ and I just let myself go completely.


“I was overweight and unhealthy, and I knew that didn’t fit into the life plan that I had for myself or the self-image I had internally, so I just wanted to sort it out.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-doug-and-jess Ultimate Performance

Doug and Jessica were the perfect training partners supporting each other on their U.P. body transformation journeys.


Ultimate Performance proved to be the kickstart they both needed to make positive changes to their health, lifestyle and body composition.

Jessica and Doug’s bespoke training plans really helped push them to achieve their impressive results and kept them motivated and making progress every week.

After six weeks, Jess had already seen impressive results, and Doug saw his strength increase and his body fat drop week on week.

One thing the couple cite is the quality of the results-driven personal training.

“My training experience has been excellent, explains Doug. “It’s been life-changing, quite literally.


“When you’re training, your form and the way you’re doing something means you’re getting the best drop of juice out of every rep.


“When you enter the gym at Ultimate Performance, the atmosphere is just one of intensity.

“Everyone in there is training hard, everybody is focussed on their goals, and everyone is there to improve themselves. It’s not an intimidating gym – it’s a friendly, welcoming place.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-doug Ultimate Performance



Jessica says the experience has helped breathe new life into her training regime, getting her back to training with fire, energy and purpose.

“I am no longer just going to the gym for the sake of going, but rather every session has a purpose of striving to be better in some way.

“Always trying to improve has become an enjoyable hobby, as opposed to just training for the sake of doing some exercise.


“I feel like I am in better shape than I have ever been, which in turn is confidence-boosting.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-jess Ultimate Performance



What really made a big difference for Doug and Jessica was the tracking, regular measurements and accountability that added science and structure to the transformation process.

Doug says this methodical approach has given him constant week-on-week results on the way to his 24-week goal.

“The science is sound. There’s no guesswork involved in this. It’s about executing the right protocol for you.

“One of the things that’s very impressive and helps keep you on track is the fact that you’re tracked and measured every single week – body fat, weight, and many different metrics.

“You form a statistical chart where you can see your progress, so even when you don’t feel like you’re progressing, you can see you have.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-biceps Ultimate Performance

Doug thought he was too old to get in shape…but he is in the best shape ever ready for his 50th birthday.


What worked especially well for Jessica in delivering the results she wanted, was the U.P. process which is set up for success.

“For me personally, I loved the accountability, knowing each and every week I had a plan to follow and that I was aiming for something at the end of it (the callipers don’t lie!).

“Then sure enough, if I followed my trainer’s advice, I got there. I also cannot stress enough that it isn’t just about turning up and getting through it.

“My trainer was there throughout the whole process offering encouragement and always on hand to ask questions and seek advice whatever time of day or day of the week.”

Doug echoed this sentiment about the round-the-clock support he received outside of his three weekly training sessions.


“Outside of the gym experience is where it really kicks into its own and starts adding the value. It doesn’t just stop when you finish your session.


“My trainer was constantly there texting or WhatsApping me, checking my food application and saying ‘you’ve not eaten enough calories. You’ve eaten too many calories. Drink more water. How was your sleep last night?’

“It’s constant, and you really feel like you’ve got a partner. It really is over and above.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-female-muscle Ultimate Performance

Weight training and eating well was the bedrock of Jessica’s 24-week transformation.


After 24 weeks of hard work together, Doug and Jessica’s results were astounding. Doug built a body he thought he was too old to achieve and Jess is stronger, leaner and fitter than ever.

“Looking at my before and after result pictures has just been so shocking,” Doug says. “When you look in the mirror, you don’t really see the true images of yourself.

“Looking at the before pictures and the after pictures, it’s just night and day.

“I’m like a different human being – and I feel like a different human being. I feel like a better person.”


 Couple-transformation-ultimate-performance-training Ultimate Performance


Jessica’s new body is impressive – but it’s the education and renewed passion for training that has been the biggest benefit for her.

“Each and every session I learnt something new, and this is something that will stay with me forever.

“From educating me on the right diet and supplements, to the correct form required when lifting weights, it has been priceless.


“I understand far more now than I ever did about what training and diet works for me, and what I need to do in order to maintain my health and physique.


“I have learnt how to stay in control of my fitness and diet, but still enjoy myself!

“I have a much better relationship with food. It’s not all about abstinence and denying yourself the foods you enjoy, the wine you like to drink, or lazy days on the sofa. You can have both!”



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