Stressed, tired and low on energy.

This is how Hugo was feeling before he started his 12-week transformation with Ultimate Performance Singapore.

He was eating out and drinking regularly and would come home and lie on the sofa after work.

At 41 years old, he was ready for a big change in his lifestyle – and that’s exactly what he achieved with hard work and determination at UP.

Now he’s 10kg lighter, he has halved his body fat, and he has the energy and motivation to take on any challenge life throws at him.

“This process has pushed me very hard physically and mentally. It was not always easy, but totally worth it.

“I learned to be more disciplined – something that’s necessary to achieve any goal you pursue. 

“It gave me the confidence that I can achieve great things if I put the work and discipline into it.

“This experience has helped me to see challenges as opportunities to shape and create. It has changed me a lot.”

Here UP Singapore Client of the Month Hugo explains how he made such a big change so quickly and how it’s improved his lifestyle..

Hugo 12 Week Results - Front Hugo 12 Week Results - Front Ultimate Performance

What were your expectations going into the programme and what were your motivations?

I decided to go to UP because I have been trying to change my body over the last few years without success.

[before UP] Everything I had done in training and with my food was not leading me to the change I wanted to see.

After looking at the UP transformation pictures, I thought ‘these people know what they are doing, so why not give it a try?’

I was expecting a lot, and at the same time not expecting much. The pictures on the UP website were amazing, but I thought this wouldn’t be possible for me.

I am 41 and suffering from different injuries; I thought I would not be able to push hard enough to achieve the results you see in the pictures. Well, my trainer proved me wrong.

 Hugo-bicep-curl Ultimate Performance

How were you feeling physically and mentally before starting with UP?

Physically and mentally I was always tired. In the evening, I just wanted to go home eat, watch TV and sleep.

My body was okay, but the fat on my back and belly were disturbing me.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started with UP?

 Hugo-12-week-results-side Ultimate Performance

My social life was all about eating and drinking, so before starting UP, I was eating out most of the time.

I did have an eye for what I was eating. I thought most of the time I was eating “healthily” – or I thought it was.

As I learnt later, the portion and the macronutrient combination was not good for achieving my goals.

‘Stressed’ and ‘tired’ were words I was using many times during the day to express how I was feeling, before joining UP.


 Hugo-client-of-the-month-singapore Ultimate Performance

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started with UP?

My trainer Brendan changed my perception of food. He made me understand the importance of different macros and how they work in your body.

Your diet has to be sustainable otherwise it won’t work for you.

It was a good piece of advice and helped me to fight my cravings by reducing the portions or finding more suitable alternatives like 90% cacao chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

I started cooking more at home, and this gave me the experience to judge the portions better when I was eating out, so I could still enjoy going out eating with my friends but follow the diet.

It made me creative; I invented my own breakfast recipes! It was hard at the beginning but eventually became fun.

I made some changes to my lifestyle. I no longer drank alcohol when I went out, and still managed to have fun without it.

I became more disciplined and planned my meals in advance.

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?

With the new diet I no longer felt tired after lunch, I felt energised most of the time. I was surprised that most of the time I did not feel hungry.

Those days when I had a bad day at work, going to the gym and training hard, gave me a positive energy kick.

After going to the gym, I always felt much better. I think my trainer did a great job motivating me on those days.

The atmosphere at UP, where you see many people pushing hard, inspires you to push hard too.

At some point in the training, I had to include more cardio in my routine. I did this by going on long walks with my partner which I enjoyed.

 Hugo-12-week-results-back Ultimate Performance

How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

The training at UP was crazy (in a good way) – nothing like I have ever done before.

I remember after my first session I had to rest for about 30 minutes until my body was back to normal. After a few sessions, my body got used to the intensity.

My trainer always cheered me on, “there is one more rep in you Hugo,” “come on, big legs man” but he also knew when I was not able to push harder and comforted me by saying “I also have such days, it is normal. Get a good rest, and we will kill it next time.”

I could see and feel his commitment to my transformation. This behaviour I also observed in the other trainers at the gym. They really want you to change.

Diet-wise, I got very good support and advice from my trainer. He even checked MyFitnessPal to make sure I was eating the right things.

I made this one of my priorities, so I tried to avoid travelling in the 12 weeks, where possible, and if necessary just for a short time.

When I went for short holidays, my trainer would give me a training program for those days to stay on track and set my re-feed days during that time, so I could enjoy more food.


What were the most important things you learned?

Discipline and the right diet are the keys to a body transformation. A trainer that really cares about you can push you beyond your limits.

 Hugo-12-week-transformation- Ultimate Performance

Would you recommend UP?

To anybody who is willing to change themselves physically and mentally for the better, a willingness to work hard and be disciplined is required. Then UP is the best place to start with it!

If you’re tired of feeling tired, stressed and low on energy and you want to kickstart your life like Hugo, start your transformation today and BOOK A CONSULT NOW!


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