Alison had battled with her weight for years, but her post-menopausal figure left her feeling more ‘powerless’ than ever.

Nearing 60, her body was going through a time of huge change, and her weight had slowly crept up.

It reached a point where she struggled to present with confidence whenever she stepped in front of the TV cameras.

She felt flat, unattractive and pessimistic about her future.

But with the help of Ultimate Performance, Alison took back control of her body.

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She told The Daily Mail menopause took a toll on her health, both mentally and physically.

“I’ve had horrible symptoms for eight years, but have never taken anything for them.

Women have so much thrown at them and just as you emerge from the child-rearing years, in your fifties, the menopause hits you like a truck.

In 33 weeks, she lost a staggering 19kg (41lbs), helping her feel younger and arming her with the tools to stay in shape for life.

She lost stubborn fat around her midriff, which had put a dent in her confidence, and realised that she could still look great as she headed into her sixties.

“There’s often this message that it’s all over when you reach your fifties, which leaves women with a hopeless sense of despair.

“But that’s not true. You’ve got so many great years ahead of you, and I hope I’m proof that it’s never too late to make a change.


Like so many women my age, I had put on weight around my middle.


“Other women would tell me it never looked like I had much to lose, but I didn’t like what I saw when I stood in front of the mirror.”

Alison was worried about the future of her TV career as a woman nearing 60. She believed time was running out to make a change to her body.

She now feels empowered as a broadcaster and businesswoman and is confident that she’s extended the longevity of her rewarding career.


In broadcasting, particularly visual broadcasting, television puts about 10 pounds on you.


“So, if you’re feeling fat before you go on camera, you’re going to feel lousy when you’re on camera.

“I would say that just visually, I’ve probably given myself a career extension of five to 10 years, which as I say, TV is not kind to more mature women.”

It hasn’t just been Alison who has noticed the incredible impact personal training has had on her health and happiness.

Her friends, family and colleagues have all noticed too…

“You really do walk differently when you’re confident. People have said to me, Alison, you are completely different. You look different, you walk different, you are a different person.

“The training and nutrition have just created such a beneficial effect on my life overall. I have so much more stamina and confidence to do things.”

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