“I’ve gotten so much joy of life back just because of the physicality. It was awesome to look awesome, but also I’m strong and in shape now in a way that just bleeds into the rest of my life in the coolest way.”

Albro has achieved the ‘shredded beach Viking’ look he’d always wanted…but gained much more than he was expecting.

The 33-year-old writer had tried to get in shape for years since his college days with DIY fitness methods and sports…but never really pushed himself out of his comfort zone.

The moment he committed with Ultimate Performance everything changed. He’s lost 20kg (45lbs) and got six-pack abs, but it’s the surprise benefits of being in shape that have been the most life-changing…

It inspired him again in his career, got him to enjoy hobbies and social activities, and gave him joy and confidence back in life.

Albro explains the process he’s been through, the training he’s done, and the unexpected ways it’s changed his day-to-day life…

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How does it feel having completed your transformation with us?

I feel amazing. I’ve never been this ripped in my life. I’m more jacked than I was in college when I had nothing to do but work out and eat chicken.

You don’t have to get crazy jacked, but Ultimate Performance gives you proof of concept that you can, and then really gets you excited to actually do it.

My family and friends all get so stoked on it. Other people have started working out because of how much me and my girlfriend have been working out at Ultimate Performance.

It has this awesome inspiring effect on everything else you do too. I feel great. I look great. It’s helped me get more excited about my work. It’s helped me get more excited about my social activities. My sports hobbies are different. I’ve gotten so much joy of life back just because of the physicality. It was awesome to look awesome, but also I’m strong and in shape now in a way that just bleeds into the rest of my life in the coolest way.

You said you joined U.P. because you saw your friends do it and saw how much they changed? Now you’ve joined the group, how does it feel?

Oh man, it’s so great. I was just laughing about it with my agents the other day that everyone who works on my show is buff now and nobody should mess with us.

It’s really cool as a community, it’s definitely been awesome to also have it as a shared thing.

It’s been a cool thing to have in common with my pals and we’ve been able to talk about it and all support each other. And when you do have to diet as stringently, it’s nice to have other people around you that are supportive of it because you can definitely have people who are either kind of unsettled or pushing food on you or they have drinking habits that you feel compelled to keep up with.

But to have a couple of people in my life doing it was really, really helpful and inspiring and definitely now is a cool bond that we all share.

Everyone getting six pack abs is a pretty cool thing. We’re all going to hit the beach together!

Your first training session was tough. What’s it like looking back on it now?

Oh my God. Well, I mean I’ve never worked out so hard. I threw up. It’s just not something I’ve ever done.

And it was a real sort of awakening that Ultimate Performance was about finding my limits and then pushing past them. It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever worked out to that point.

I’ve played sports, I’ve been my own trainer, but I’ve never been actually sort of pushed to my limits like that before.

And it can sound like a bad thing, but it really woke me up to how much I hadn’t been pushing myself before. So in retrospect, it’s a funny and cool memory. I also certainly wouldn’t throw up on the bike again!

Looking back, how important was it that you made this decision join UP in your life?

Oh man. It’s a heavy financial investment, but when I think about how much it’s changed my life, when I think about how much it’s changed my body, how much it’s changed, my outlook on life, how much it’s given me, more of an engagement with my agency and my physicality, I’d do it all over again, baby!

It was one of the best decisions Jess and I ever made, and I am so grateful that other buddies got into it. You can diet and you can

join a gym, but I’d never committed to something this hard, and I’d never had this much of a sort of healthy relationship with heavyweight lifting and pushing myself to a limit. So it is been fantastic.

It’s the type of thing where I probably will be coming back at certain points over my life to just sort of remind myself what this time period felt like.

And also I’ve come so far because of U.P. that I hope I don’t lose it. I’m going to hope that I can hang on to my body and my physicality like this for as long as possible because it’s truly changed so many things about my life in only the best way.

Thinking back six months, did you ever expect you’d get results like this?

No. It’d be crazy if I showed up right now to me six months ago and I’d be like a robot from the future. I would be like, that’s crazy!

Everyone who I show my progress is like, “that’s nuts! That’s really awesome dude!” And I agree. It was definitely my goal to be shredded as a result of doing this program. You’d be bummed to commit to something time-wise and financially like this and not get your ultimate results, but these are pretty ultimate results.

I am extremely happy. Becoming a full beach Viking was always something that I wanted to do. But you find excuses and you hit these little stretches where you make room, and U.P. helped me commit and helped me push past that. And now I’m in a totally different place.


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