Don’t wait 10 years for the changes you want to see right now!

Haroon made huge changes in just 12 weeks that he had struggled to achieve on his own in a decade.

Weight loss of 11kg and the leanest and most muscular physique he has ever had were just the start.

Office worker Haroon took control of his diet and absorbed knowledge about nutrition that will keep him in shape for life.

Gone is the lethargy and afternoon energy crashes that are common among office professionals and stifle productivity.

Years of chronic back pain from a herniated disc has been alleviated and he is now able to live and train pain-free – all after just 12 weeks with his UP personal trainer.

  Haroon Before and After - Front | Ultimate Performance

“I am 11kg lighter and have dropped 11% body fat in this time. Amazing progress, one which I could not have imagined when I started.

“UP training is nothing like I have experienced before. You learn the value of UP’s trainers compared to the typical trainers you find at commercial gyms – there is no comparison.

“With UP You are pushed to your maximum limit every time you train and you train the right way.”

Haroon’s story is typical of so many office workers – endless hours behind a desk working and eating meals-on-the-go.

He had trained for years on his own in a commercial gym but had never achieved the results he wanted.

“I always thought I was relatively fit and active having been a regular commercial gym goer for the past 10 years.

“I used to feel lethargic and weak throughout the day before starting with UP.

“However, the way I feel now along with the before and after progress pictures prove I was wrong in believing this!”

  Haroon Before and After - Side | Ultimate Performance


The office lifestyle had begun taking its toll.

“As an office worker I am confined to my chair for 10 – 12 hours a day.

“On top of this I used to eat out at least two of the three daily meals.

“There was a belief I had that as long as I train four times a week on my own I can eat freely without consideration to the type or quality of the food.”

All this changed the moment he stepped foot in the gym at UP. He was ready to change his lifestyle, lose weight and strengthen his back which had been causing chronic pain

“I’ve been following UP for a long time.

“My motivation was to get to around 15% body fat and to strengthen my core to stabilise my back.”

With the help of UP, he was able to achieve these goals and more besides his impressive new physique.

“I feel stronger, lighter and healthier throughout the day. I have a degenerative lower back disc issue and before the 12 week program I was in constant pain.

“Now with my core stronger and tailored exercises which are stable on the spine, my daily pain has disappeared – this has been the most pleasing part of my program to date.”

Haroon’s time with UP has served as a lifelong education in training and nutrition for maximum results.

  Haroon Before and After - Back | Ultimate Performance

But he explains the biggest taleaways he’s learned over the 12 weeks that will keep him in great shape for life.

“The most important things I have learned are around the importance of diet and the value of food prep in achieving this,” he says.

“Starting UP immediately instilled discipline in me when it came to my diet and lifestyle.

“The biggest change for me has been learning the importance of food prep and the right technique when it comes to lifting weights and training safely.

“UP places a great focus on technique and I have learnt the importance of a strong core and scapula when undertaking all my exercises – this is something I have taken away and use when training on my own.”

After 10 years training on his own, Haroon is where he wants to be – fit, lean and healthy…and a new-found knowledge to stay that way.



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