A family history of heart problems compelled 35-year-old father Grant to start seriously focussing on his health.

He was a super-fit athlete during his school and college days, but the increasing demands of career and fatherhood threw his fitness regime off track.

Before he joined Ultimate Performance Los Angeles, Grant had a sedentary lifestyle sat behind a desk for 9 hours a day as a senior business development executive.

Exhausted and time-poor, he had little time to exercise and was eating takeout food 4-5 times a week.

But at that changed in a few short weeks with the help of his expert trainer at U.P. Los Angeles.

  Grant Ultimate Performance Transformation Front | Ultimate Performance

“Ever since I joined Ultimate Performance, I have seen a drastic increase in my energy level, my self-esteem, and my confidence.

“I feel good about myself after waking up in the morning, knowing that each day I’ll be doing something different and challenging myself in a new way.

“Honestly, joining U.P. has changed my life in so many different ways. The biggest thing is feeling healthier and then wanting my family to be healthy as well.”

Grant joined U.P for nine weeks and in that time, he melted away half his body fat and completely transformed his body.

He has seen a tremendous change to his both his lifestyle and diet choices.

U.P. helped give him back some structure, accountability and knowledge over what he was eating which he had completely lost track of since becoming a parent.

“Before U.P., my diet was garbage, and I was basically trying to eat what I could and when I could.

“With two kids at home under the age of three, if they weren’t finishing their meals, I was finishing it for them.

“After being exhausted and tired from a whole day at work and putting kids to bed, I was either searching for food in the kitchen or ordering in.

“I ordered from outside around four to five times a week, making a lot of unhealthy choices.”

  Grant Ultimate Performance Transformation Side | Ultimate Performance

Very quickly Grant was able to make some small but effective changes to his diet and lifestyle. With the guidance and support of his trainer, Chris, these healthy new habits soon became engrained in his everyday life.

“Since joining U.P., I have really focused on that. The biggest thing was getting off processed sugar and not indulging in the way I was before, making smarter choices and pre-planning my meals whether I was eating at home, going out for dinner, or having a lunch meeting.

“My digestion has now improved, and I feel my body is performing the way it should.”

Having a trainer alongside him, both inside and outside the gym, has helped really push him on to achieve the lofty goals he set himself.

“At U.P., I felt that I had accountability; there was someone who’s pushing me all along.

The entire team at U.P. was so supportive, so knowledgeable that I knew I could reach out to anyone for anything, and they would give me the right information.

“This is that boost which I felt I was lacking when I was trying to work out on my own.”

Having an expert partner and trusted advisor in his corner made the whole process straightforward and helped him achieve results he never thought possible.

“I love my personal trainer, Chris. He is knowledgeable, he is focused, and honestly, I could text him at any time of the day. He always had an answer to what I needed to eat or do.

“I’ve got that level of communication with him that I haven’t had with any trainer before U.P. I knew what he was going to tell me was going to help me achieve my goals.”

  Grant Ultimate Performance Transformation Back | Ultimate Performance

Being healthy and in great physical shape again has been the confidence boost he was missing.

He says it has made going to the beach a much more enjoyable experience.

“After joining Ultimate Performance, I now feel comfortable taking off my shirt. That’s something I haven’t been able to do probably in 15 years since college. I never really liked how my body looked.

“Now I feel more confident about how I look, and I’m not embarrassed to take my shirt off and go to the beach.”

But it’s not just the physical results he’s impressed with, the quantifiable results from his transformation show that his health is in a good place – not to mention that he can now keep up with the kids.

“Besides getting my confidence back and energy up again, another big motivation to join U.P. was my health.

“My family has a history of heart issues, so I just wanted to keep all of that in check.

“Now I have that energy within that drives me to be around my kids, staying active, doing more things outdoors and playing with them.

The whole 360-degree body transformation experience has been a revelation for Grant.

“Ultimate Performance has changed my life and my body in so many different ways that I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anybody.

“If one is serious about their fitness and their nutrition, then there’s no better place to get those results and that information than Ultimate Performance.”



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