Rich felt like his body and his health were deteriorating as he headed towards 60 – he was gaining weight and he had high blood pressure.

When the pandemic hit, it only made matters worse. He was exercising less, he was drinking more, and he felt vulnerable to the ageing process for the first time in his life.

With an active granddaughter to run around after, he was determined to get fit and invest in his health for the future.

He was looking for that ‘silver bullet’ – but what he found with Ultimate Performance was far more empowering.

Training under the guidance of a world-class professional not only helped him lose 22kg and get him in incredible physical shape, it gave him the tools to stay that way for life.

He has brought his blood pressure down almost to the ‘ideal range’ and with it dramatically cut his risk of heart attack and strokes.

“Now, I feel absolutely capable of meeting any challenge, either psychologically, emotionally, or physically.

“This has been the most empowering experience, and I’ve faced a lot of personal challenges over the recent months and during the transformation.

“The positive impacts of having this structure, the support and the ability to tap into the knowledge that Ultimate Performance has given me gives me a great sense of purpose moving forward. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Here Rich explains the challenges he faced, and how he has overcome them to lay the foundations for lifelong health.

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What brought you to Ultimate Performance?

What brought me to U.P. was to challenge my strength and mobility, which I’d noticed over recent years had degraded with age.


What was your motivation throughout the whole experience?

I had visualised how I wanted to be. I’ve got a granddaughter who is four, and she’s very active. I know that she’s going to be even more active as she grows. I’ve been active in my life, but because I’ve noticed a deterioration in the activity and because I’ve become more sedentary in my lifestyle throughout the pandemic, I felt it was important to invest in my health and wellbeing for the future by retaining that activity and in fact improving it, which I’ve done with U. P.


What was your diet and lifestyle like before joining Ultimate Performance?

My diet was varied, and it was moderated pre-pandemic, although it deteriorated with each subsequent lockdown. Alcohol had become an increasing factor. In fact, it became a way of life. I became more sedentary, which again affected my diet, which was surprising on reflection, but nevertheless, it was the case.

At 57, I could feel myself degenerating quite rapidly over the preceding three months that I came to U.P.

On reflection, that was down to ill-informed choices, and one of the huge initial benefits to me of this U.P. experience was the knowledge that I gained about nutrition. I enjoy food more. I enjoy food more often, and I know exactly what the gains are to certain foods and how other foods can have a significant effect negatively.

How did you feel before?

I was at a low ebb for many reasons, and I felt vulnerable. I was vulnerable to the ageing process. I was vulnerable to the lack of activity as a result of the pandemic. I was finally finding it more difficult to cope with the normal day-to-day challenges that we all face, and I felt almost deflated and a little bit lacklustre in myself, which isn’t particularly like me and never has been. I lacked real direction.


What impact has weight training had on your physique?

I’ve lost 16kg of fat. It’s been an incredible journey. The obvious visual impact on friends and family is quite entertaining, shall we say?

So there’s that side of things, there’s the aesthetics, but realistically in terms of my wellbeing and my health and my welfare going forward. But it has had a significant effect on my mobility – not only mobility, but my ability to carry out tasks that were completely unimaginable previously. It’s left me with a sense of purpose for the future. All my clothes now no longer fit me. That was evident very early on, so you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe.


When did you first start to notice results and changes in yourself?

Immediately! My sleep improved overnight, and I saw a constant improvement throughout the term of the transformation. I remember the first night’s sleep. I’ve never really slept more than 5-6 hours; that has been the same for decades. That first night I slept very well. The sleep improvement lasted throughout the term of the transformation.

The weight loss was quite staggering. There’s no question about that. I don’t think I was prepared for the sustained level of constant weight loss throughout the first three months. With the reduction in body fat came all kinds of benefits that I couldn’t have imagined.

Do you think the support you received had a big impact on your overall diet, training and lifestyle?

No question, undoubtedly. Without the knowledge, the support, and the understanding of nutrition from my trainer, as well as the significant impact on my sleep, I’d still be scrolling through Instagram looking for that silver bullet that I now know doesn’t exist.


What did you think when you saw the results? Did you think it was possible?

On one level, I was confident with the track record of Ultimate Performance. I did my homework over 12 months, and that due diligence paid off. There were moments where I was genuinely amazed at some of the transformations I saw at U.P.

I remember when I saw a photograph of my back for the first time, it actually knocked me out, I must confess. I do show people. It still makes me smile.


Did you encounter any setbacks during your transformation?

There were many personal challenges. Unfortunately, my dad passed away unexpectedly, 10 days into the transformation. A month later, my mum suffered a subdural hematoma.

On a lighter note, I developed vertigo six weeks ago – the room would start spinning whenever I attempted the flat bench and any incline presses. You couldn’t make it up.

How did your trainer or the training process help you to navigate any setbacks even countered?

My trainer was critical, and I really don’t think that without him, I could have achieved what I have done. The personal challenges outside of the gym are something that your trainer is engaged in. It’s not unusual for your trainer to reach out and ask you how you are feeling, how you are. I like that, and that is well received. I think that is typical of my trainer, but also is something that, although it might not be unique to Ultimate Performance, is certainly key to the way that they offer their services.


What does it feel like to be stronger, fitter and more in control of your diet?

Empowering. I still enjoy food, but the difference now is that I know the decisions I make will affect me on every level; that’s the tricky part. Although I cook more simply, and my food now tastes better as a result. It’s fresh; it’s not processed.


What would you say to others on a similar journey to yours?

Do not hesitate to visualise how you want your outcome to be. Commit 100%. Absorb the information that’s available here. Be consistent, and you will succeed. Know that just weeks into your journey, you will develop the knowledge and resilience to change everything about your life. Force yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Do you think you have got a return on your investment?

Absolutely 1,000,000%.


What have you learned over the course of the transformation?

It’s the knowledge gained that’s the real headline here. I cannot imagine anything other than total immersion with my trainer. He gave me such great insight into what is required to undergo a great transformation which has had such a positive effect on my lifestyle, whether emotionally, psychologically or physically.

Anything you would like to add?


Absolutely. What I would say to anybody who’s contemplating Ultimate Performance, do it! If you make that change, it will affect your life, and you will see the rewards. Wherever you are now and wherever you want to be in the future, you can get there. There are many different ways to do that, but one way to get there quickly is by working with the experts at Ultimate Performance.




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