It took him just four weeks from starting with UP to shred down to 4% body fat and start putting muscle on.

But since that incredibly quick ‘transformation’ Paul has become a regular client at UP Manchester which has kept his physique improving and the muscle tissue growing.

It has taken him just nine months to put on 6kg of lean muscle – and you can see his progression in the photoshoot images below.

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Paul explains that it was a simple choice to sign up for a personal training plan after following UP founder Nick Mitchell’s writing for a number of years.

While he was quite experienced in the gym, there is always so much more you can learn about training, nutrition and your own body.

UP is world-renowned for being able to help clients unlock their potential and deliver the maximum results in the minimum time.

That’s exactly what happened with Paul from the moment he set foot in the UP Manchester gym.

“I always thought I really pushed myself in my own gym, but UP took me to the next level.

“I leave the gym quivering like a leaf inside. He (my trainer) leaves nothing on the gym floor.”

One thing that Paul really benefitted from was having the professional eye of a leading personal trainer coaching him through every move, perfecting his form and helping him maximise his performance on every single rep.

“The main thing I like about UP is learning correct form on all the exercises,” he said.

“I always thought my form was really good. But all the little tips you get help you to get the most out of each exercise you do.”

Small changes add up to big results which are evident in Paul’s impressive ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots and in his recent photoshoot images.

Having read much of Nick Mitchell’s work, Paul was doing all the right things with his diet – things like eating grass-fed meats, organic nuts and coconut oils for the first meal of the day.

But just a little tweak with his carbohydrate levels by PT Mark made a big difference.

“My nutrition has always been good, but I have learned so much about my body since starting with UP.

“I now know exactly how many calories and macros I need to lose body fat and to add lean muscle onto my body.

“The programmes they write are second to none, they are worth the money alone. I have also learned to train without hurting myself so that I am not always working around little injuries.”

Senior PT Mark was impressed by 49-year-old Paul’s consistency and commitment to his transformation.

Mark says it was putting a plan in place and sticking to it to the letter which helped yield such incredible results.

“He had followed Nick and people like Charles Poliquin – so he’s done a lot of his own reading. But he’d never been able to put it all together into a plan.

“He had done loads of reading and tried a little bit of everything every week.

He had never really stuck to anything for any period of time – that has been the biggest difference.

Training with UP has given Paul an incredible physique – but it has also given him knowledge that will last a lifetime.

With a move to Spain on the horizon, Paul is already planning on training at UP Marbella to ensure he keeps learning and progressing.

I am moving to Spain next year and I am going to travel to their gym there at least once a month to make sure my form is always good so I can maximise muscle growth and keep myself injury free.

“I will be able to check on my body fat so I know exactly how I stand each month so that I can make adjustments with my nutrition.”


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  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
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  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
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