Goutam promised his wife he was going to get in shape when they got married.   

However, his strenuous job in information security meant for years that promise was never realised after his diet caught up with him. 

He was concerned his sedentary lifestyle was going to cause him serious health issues given his family’s history of diabetes and cardiac problems.   

The 37-year-old always had the drive to succeed, but he believed his body was ‘not how a successful person should look.’ 

Desperate for effective and guaranteed results, Goutam contacted U.P.  Now over 22 weeks on, he is 12kg down and feels confident, motivated and more focused while leading his team at work.     

Losing weight for him and his wife has filled the pair with pride. He was even likened to Captain America by his admiring three-year-old son.  

 Goutamp M37 22wk Pt Dxb Front Ultimate Performance

“The nature of work I do in cybersecurity is very stressful, so the stress was always on me and there is no escape. That led to a very sedentary lifestyle.  

“After U.P., I’m really confident about how I look and how I carry myself, which is a drastic change in my life.  

“I have a three-year-old son and when he saw the photoshoot pictures, he said, ‘Daddy, you look like Captain America.’ It felt amazing because every dad wants to be a superhero for his kid.”  

Here, Goutam talks about how the structure of his plan was pivotal in ensuring he stayed motivated, and how his transformation brought out the very best of him at work.



What was your motivation for joining U.P.?  

There are a few reasons why I joined. The first one being my family, they have a history of cardiac and diabetes problems. The nature of work I do in cybersecurity is very stressful, so the stress was always on me and there is no let out. That led to a very sedentary lifestyle.

So, I was worried that I might fall into the same lifestyle diseases. I was also tired of inhaling my tummy every time somebody wanted a picture with me. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I thought ‘that’s not how a successful person should look.’ A person can’t sustain long-term success in looking like that.

Finally, I was worried about not being able to play my favourite sports. I could slowly see as my age was catching up with me, my performance started deteriorating. I just needed to do something to improve my performance, my lifestyle and my confidence.



Why did you choose Ultimate Performance?  

I moved to Dubai a year ago and started looking around who could help me or guide me through this entire process of change, and who were experienced enough in dealing with multiple clients.

These were the things I was looking at because I was worried as I’d never been to the gym before. If somebody pushes me to a breaking point, I might pick up an external or an internal injury. That was a worry for me.

I soon realised Ultimate Performance were one of the best personal trainers, so I came here to speak to some of the trainers and understand how they have helped so many people transform. I still had doubts about my own physical ability, so I spoke to them and they gave me confidence that they have the capability to help.

When I spoke to my trainer, I realised that this is the person that I can team up with and can help me throughout my journey.


What was the most valuable thing you took away from your transformation journey?  

The first thing I would say is I have learned to have more discipline because my workday used to run from around 9 am to 6 pm. So, if I went to the gym early in the morning, I know I needed to have enough sleep and eat at the right times. That discipline started creeping into all the things I did in the office and in my personal life as well.

That’s a major change for me feel because now I’m very conscious of time and my time management is much better. I’m generally more active and happier now and I’ve realised only when I’m truly happy do I spread that onto people around me. So yeah, those things have been the drastic change in my life.


How do you compare yourself now to before you worked with U.P.?  

I always used to call myself a couch potato. I didn’t feel confident about myself because when I looked in the mirror, I just wasn’t the person that I wanted to be. When you don’t find that self-love, obviously it creeps over into your relations as well. After U.P., I’m really confident about how I look and how I carry myself, which is a drastic change in my life.

Secondly, I’m more disciplined because I now do everything on time. I know how to manage my time and how much I should rest and eat, and what kind of supplements my body would need to prepare me for the next phase of life. Finally, I’m more active. I played three sets of badminton singles in a row, and I beat my opponent hands-down, and I’m looking for more! That’s a major change as well because it brings joyous moments which makes the whole of this journey worth it.


Goutam featured in an Intelligent CISO article.


What do your family and friends say about how you look now and have you shown them the pictures of the photoshoot?  

I have a three-year-old son and when he saw the photoshoot pictures, he said, ‘Daddy, you look like Captain America.’ It felt amazing because every dad wants to be a superhero for his kid. When your kid recognises how good you look, that’s a big compliment. My wife was truly happy because I remember promising her when we were married, someday I would do this. I kept my word.

She reminded me and said, ‘you said you’d do this so many years ago, and now here you are.’ I could see that pride in her eyes and it was like I’d lived up to my word. I loved that. It wasn’t words, but the way she looked at me and the way she expressed it was nice. My colleagues in the office saw me flipping through my pictures and they said I looked like I was straight out of an action movie.


Would you recommend U.P. to people wanting to make a change to their lives?   

There’s no way I would have been able to do this transformation on my own. You need to know how much to push your body when and understand when your body is at the breaking point. That is not something you can do on your own, it needs experience and there’s a science behind it. U.P. look at you and they figure out what you need and how to improve.

Everything goes in combination with your diet and recovery, and U.P. use an algorithm which I love because I’m a science-background student. They know when the best time to eat is and ensure you will feel your very best the next day in the gym. That’s why I think U.P. deliver the best results.



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