Former PARA Glenn Parker’s 15-week body transformation at Ultimate Performance remains one of the most iconic transformations the world has ever seen.

But Glenn’s staggering physical transformation is only half the story – recovering from a life-altering assault, to even get to this point was a battle that would have defeated lesser men.

The ex-3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment soldier was just lucky to be alive after a horrific attack at a nightclub left him in a coma fighting for his life.

Doctors at Addenbrooke Hospital described Glenn as a ‘walking miracle’ after the vicious assault left him with swelling on the brain and severe epilepsy.

His glittering military career in the British Army was left in ruins and he struggled to get to grips with his disability and being robbed of the life he loved serving his country.

Glenn Parker - Life Changing Transformation with U.p. Glenn P 15 Week Amazing Body Transformation Ultimate Performance

But Ultimate Performance helped Glenn change all that. It helped give him a new direction in life, give him back pride, self-respect and a new purpose – showing that he could achieve anything he put his mind to.


“The end result just showed me that I’m still capable of bettering my life,” says Glenn. “I’m still capable of doing things for the better.”

Fifteen weeks is all it took for Glenn to achieve this remarkable transformation which changed the course of his life, yet again – this time for good.

“The transformation changed how I felt about myself because it brought me to that point where I was with my military career; where I was happy and I passed for parachute regiment selection.

“It got me back to that point where I was the happiest I’d ever felt. I did not feel I could be that happy again.”

This transformation is a testament to the incredible things that can be achieved when desire and a never-say-die attitude are harnessed with intelligent training and programming, nurtured with the right knowledge, and channelled by the expert eye of a UP personal trainer.

To see how far Glenn came on his transformation journey you have to understand where he started.

Glenn’s story begins in 2001 while he was on exercise with his battalion in Thetford and he was enjoying a night out at a nightclub with his British Army comrades during a period of downtime.


He was brutally attacked from behind after trouble erupted in the club and was left for dead. The men behind the attack were never caught.

“I was viciously and aggressively assaulted by a handful of guys,” explains Glenn.

“Two of them had bottles in their hand and made contact with me at my head.

“I went down. It didn’t stop there. They kept kicking me even more.

“A few moments later, I stopped breathing and I was very lucky that there was an able person there who performed CPR waiting for the ambulance to come.”

Glenn was rushed to Addenbrooke Hospital where he underwent life-saving surgery to relieve swelling on his brain from the attack.

“I had an operation called a craniotomy which was the removal of the frontal lobes of my skull because my head was swelling.

“I have a scar that goes over the top of my head.

“During that time, my head swelled and it came back down and I was in a coma for two weeks.”

Glenn in the PARAs

Luckily, Glenn pulled through. But his ordeal was far from over. When he awoke from his coma his life had changed irrevocably from the attack and his career in the British Army was effectively over.

“Unfortunately at the end of that coma, I became epileptic.

“I had to start phenytoin which was an anti-epileptic medication.

“At the time, I had planned to spend 22 years in the British Army. I wanted to make a career out of it. Then suddenly I was classed as technically disabled, I was epileptic, I couldn’t drive for a year because that’s how long you have to be seizure-free.”

Glenn was medically discharged from the Army because of his epilepsy and was faced with his toughest battle yet – rebuilding his shattered life.

This was something Glenn says he struggled with the most.

“My most scary thing was what was I going to be doing now with my life? Where was my career going to take me?”

Glenn P pre-transformation

He was feeling low, he was overweight and still coping with his epilepsy. But he saw training to become a personal trainer as a way to could start piecing back together his shattered life.

“When I was personal training outside. I was doing it, I felt stronger, I felt a little bit more confident, but to be honest, I was never realising my true potential.

“I used to be part of one of the greatest regiments in the world.

“I was proud, I had hunger and I had desire; I needed to find a way – I needed to ask for help.”

Glenn Parker after transformation

That’s when he reached out to Nick Mitchell – founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, world-leading body transformation specialists.

“My confidence was low and I said to myself ‘what am I going to do, Nick?’ I needed to ask for help.”

“I wanted to become an inspiration to myself. I wanted to better me.”

glenn parker transformation


He continues: “I came to Nick Mitchell and we discussed my goals and discussed my problems with him.

“He set me a plan to do a 15-week transformation.

“I said, ‘right, I’m going to be trained here by one of the best personal trainers in the world. What I am going to do? I’m going to give everything to this transformation!

“I’m going to give this a ‘do-or-die-trying attitude’ because if I had never met Nick and he had never given me that transformation purpose, I would have just led a mediocre life.”

When Glenn started his transformation he weighed 133 lbs and around 27% body fat. But just 15 weeks later Glenn got down to 124 lbs and a shredded 6.4% body fat when he finished his transformation journey.

It was a stunning transformation that has turned heads around the world and cemented UP’s status as the world’s leading body transformation specialists and proved what is achievable over a period of three months with the right training and nutrition.

“People at the end of the transformation in the outside world saw a drastic, fast, physical and aesthetic change.

“But me, I saw it differently. You helped me clear a path of whatever obstacle I had in my way.

“I had such a clouded judgement of where I was going. You helped me move forward through that.

“The hardest part of the training was not the physical side. The hardest part, for me, was the fear I had within myself. I was confused about what direction I had to go.

“The lessons I learned mainly about myself during the transformation, were it taught me that with correct programming and correct guidance, I can move forward and I can do anything. I can achieve anything I’m physically capable of doing.”

What Glenn was able to achieve in 15 weeks is incredible – but it’s certainly not impossible or unattainable and UP helps hundreds of clients get in the best shape of their life in a matter of weeks.

Glenn P before and after with quote

For Glenn, nothing compares to the training, the coaching and the knowledge that goes into UP’s holistic approach to body transformation.

“Ultimate Performance is, without doubt, the only personal training advice I would have got from anywhere because what I have learned and what I have seen over the years is that there’s nothing that comes close to the knowledge and exceptional performance of what Ultimate Performance does for its results.

“If someone comes up to me with regards a transformation and they think they can’t do it, I will say to them ‘the only person that can do it is you. You have to believe that you can do it with the right guidance, like UP has given me.”



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