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Wendy gets her dream figure at 46

Wendy's achievements

28 kg

Weight loss






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What did Wendy need to overcome to get in shape

46-year-old Wendy could not stand living with such little confidence. Overweight, miserable, and having lost all control over her diet, she’d hit an all-time low. She was reminded of how far she’d let her health slip whilst laid on a sandy beach in Thailand.  Her body looked nothing like she wanted, which played on her mind every day.

That prompted Wendy to contact Ultimate Performance, ready to start a personal training plan. Just days after landing back home, she was walking through the doors at U.P. to start day one of what turned out to be a life-changing experience.

A little over 30 weeks later, Wendy achieved the incredible change she’s always wanted and, for the first time in years, feels confident with her figure after dropping 28kg.

But the weight loss has been just the tip of the iceberg for Wendy. Working alongside her U.P. trainer, she’s fallen in love with weight training and learnt valuable lessons on nutrition that will last a lifetime.

The wake-up call Wendy needed

Sat on a sandy picturesque beach in Thailand, Wendy just couldn’t unwind and relax on her holiday.  All she could think about was her appearance.
She didn’t like the way her body looked in any of her outfits and rarely felt confident about herself.

“When I was still in Thailand, I got into contact with U.P. and I booked my consultation for two days after I got back and three days after that I started my U.P. journey. ”

“I wanted to get my old self back. I was unhappy and something had to change”

Taking the first step

Once Wendy faced up to the fact she needed to overhaul her lifestyle, she was ready to get to work and follow in the footsteps of over 25,000 others in her position.   

Nervous, excited, and brimming with motivation, any concerns she had were put to bed in her initial consultation. Wendy’s trainer asked about her goals, food preferences, availability, and past experience in the gym to make sure her program was right for her.  

After just one session, she immediately felt at ease working alongside a professional who watched over her every rep. Away from the gym floor, she had a structured diet plan in place, and knew her trainer was just a message away if she had any questions 

“The support I got was incredible. Right from day one. I did have a wobble and questioned whether it was for me and whether it would work for me. Straight away, my trainer turned around and said if he’s not worried, I don’t need to be worried. ”

“I took that on board straight away and pushed through. I did everything he said, got my steps in, and followed the diet we created. The results that followed were remarkable.”

Life-changing ‘before and after’ photos

Every time Wendy looks at her ‘before and after’ photos charting her progress, she can barely believe what she had achieved. 

In truth, it’s a transformation she never thought possible. 

“I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone to see what I could achieve working with an expert.” 

 “Looking back, I do not even recognise the person on the left-hand side. It’s frightening. But I love the person on the right-hand side. It’s amazing. It’s not a shape I am going to give up. This is just the start.”

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