Lorenzo has gone from ‘skinny fat’ to lean and muscular in just 12 weeks, seeing muscles he’d never seen before and feeling more energetic than ever.

Before he started with U.P., he had been in bad shape and knew he needed to make big changes.

He was eating badly, living off takeaways and convenience foods, and his lifestyle swung between long hours working then partying and eating out.

He had tried so many different diets and training programs, but couldn’t get the results he wanted.

U.P. was different. It provided the challenge to push himself to the limit and the structure and expertise he needed around diet and training to transform his body.

The results were impressive. He halved his body fat and put lean muscle on his previously ‘skinny fat’ frame over his 12-week program.

 Lorenzo-before-and-after-front-900 Ultimate Performance

“I went from 15% body fat to 8% body fat. I saw muscles I had never seen before, and my energy was through the roof!”

What’s more, he developed a knowledge of nutrition to stay in shape, learned to cook his own healthy meals, and saved so much money on eating out and partying, it covered the cost of his transformation.

Lorenzo explains why his transformation was so successful and the key things that helped him make big changes to his lifestyle.

What were your motivations for starting a transformation?

I was motivated by the challenge. I was expecting U.P.’s unique three-month program to be a mega challenge both mentally and physically. And a challenge it was!

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How were you feeling both physically and mentally before starting with U.P.?

“Skinny fat” is a suitable term for my physical situation at the time I signed up. I was eating pretty badly, and hadn’t been exercising much.

Mentally, I was craving an escape from work. I was motivated to start the year strong.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation?

In the past five years I could count the times I cooked for myself on my fingers. So I resorted to eating out or ordering in food, usually twice a day. What I ordered was not typically regarded as ‘healthy’.

For the six months leading up to U.P., my lifestyle was pretty extreme. It was either sitting down and working on my laptop from morning until night, or travelling and partying.


 Lorenzo-six-pack Ultimate Performance

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation?

I started cooking, and I ended up enjoying it! Because of this, my diet improved tremendously.

Education played a massive part. For the first time, I had a solid understanding of macronutrients, supplements, foods, and how my body responded to them.

Overall, I became more conscious about my body in a positive way.

Not to mention the amount of money I saved from not eating out, and less partying easily covered the costs of my U.P. program!

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?

Early on, I noticed my sleep quality drastically improve. For the first time I wasn’t feeling afternoon energy dips. I became a lot more productive with work-related activities because of this. My head felt clear and my confidence was up.

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How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

Training was great! After every training session I left feeling like I reached a new level.

On the physical side, my trainer Daan made sure to push me to points where I would struggle to get to if I was training on my own. He would also explain how and why I was doing each exercise.

They were extremely flexible with training times. If I was travelling I would get a custom workout plan based around the gym equipment that was available at the hotel.

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?

1. Food.

They say “bodies are made in the kitchen”. This was the first time I experienced it for myself. Having structure around what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat was the most important part of my transformation.

2. Being held accountable.

It’s easy to make excuses when you follow diets or workouts that you see online, since there are also so many questions left unanswered. U.P. gave me a personalised plan — I just needed to follow the steps. Every week I was measured so there was no room for excuses. I was held accountable every week.

 Lorenzo-barbell-curl-up Ultimate Performance

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

U.P. gave me a huge education around nutrition and exercise that will allow me to continue to build a healthy lifestyle that works for me.

Would you recommend U.P.?

Yes. I’ve tried many diets and many workout plans. They were either not sustainable or didn’t give me the results I wanted. U.P. gives you a fully personalised diet, and a personalised workout routine that continues to be customised as your body reacts to the plan.

The combined plan not only caters for your goals, but it caters for your lifestyle, not to mention that you’re assigned an expert trainer to answer your diet and workout questions seven days a week.

I would highly recommend U.P. to anyone who is tired of not getting the results they want. I know I would have never been able to get these results on my own.

 Lorenzo-before-and-after-back-900 Ultimate Performance

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