Ultimate Performance Client of the Month – from injured to healthy with strength training.

It’s not unusual for clients to come to us with injuries of some form or another and ask us for help to get in shape while also working around and even improving their injuries.
Robus is a great example of a client who came to Ultimate Performance in pain and ended up in great shape and with far less chronic pain. Read his own words about his experience with personal trainer Matt at Ultimate Performance.

Robus's 12 Week Transformation  Ultimate Performance

Were you initially hesitant about signing up for Personal Training?

I had a low back injury and spent almost 14 months not being able to do any sports or visit the gym. Every doctor told me that getting stronger was going to help me but every activity I tried seemed to make it worse (yoga, gym, Pilates, etc.). So when I heard about UP I was skeptical, but I decided to go to the initial interview.

What did you find as a result of Personal Training with Ultimate Performance?

In the interview, all my doubts were cleared and I could see that they are extremely professional and are excellent at what they do. I decided to give it a try. After a couple of months training with them I was playing football, running, attending yoga and starting to try squash again; all things that are extremely exigent on the lower back. To be honest, it was the best decision I made in the last two years! Training at UP has not only been beneficial for my injury but has changed my body and fitness level entirely. My endurance improved a lot and it’s helped me when I play sports. I achieved a 12 week body transformation and along the way was able to learn a lot including how to eat intelligently, the proper techniques for resistance training, what supplements are important, and habits that are essential for a healthy life. This was a big game changer!

What did you like most about your time at Ultimate Performance?

The training is fantastic! My trainer is excellent and very professional. He is very detailed and does an excellent job following up; not only in the sessions, but on a daily basis. Every session makes a huge difference, and is conducted efficiently.

Would you recommend UP? If so, why?

I have already recommended UP to several friends and I would recommend the program to anyone else who is seriously looking for an effective and rewarding way to transform their body.

Robus after 12 weeks body composition transformation

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  • We show you the best, we don't show you the worst.
  • We show you people who follow the plans, not those who are all talk.
  • We show you those who inspire even us with their commitment to their results.
  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
  • Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym; how disciplined you are with your diet; & your starting point.
  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
  • We cannot do the work for you and the results you see here are a testament to the work ethic of our clients.
  • Our reputation is that we are the best trainers in the world for helping you to unlock your potential, & we can lead you to the door, give you the key, even turn the handle and push the door open, but we cannot walk through it for you.
    In the end the result is down to you.

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