Danielle was starting a new chapter in her life at 27; swapping years as a professional dancer for a life of a medical student at university.

She had planned for the stressful study and work schedule but had not factored in the physical changes that this new lifestyle would bring.

So, when a personal training programme at Ultimate Performance came wrapped as a Christmas gift from her mum, Danielle jumped at the opportunity to get in shape again.

Danielle didn’t just achieve her goal of regaining her fitness levels of old – she sculpted a toned figure, streamlined her diet and got back to a healthy lifestyle.

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“I feel a lot stronger and have a lot more energy throughout the day. I am also able to focus better when it comes to my studies.

“Before it would be like ‘it’s the weekend, I won’t go to the gym.’ But now I want to go to the gym on a Saturday morning. I would rather do that than go out on a Friday night because I like how it makes me feel.”

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Going to university to study, Danielle found herself busy and quickly fell into the student lifestyle of missing out on exercise and grabbing convenience foods.

“I used to be a professional dancer, so, I was used to doing a lot of exercises, and now as a student, my routine is different, and I had reverted to student life.

“When I was on a contract as a dancer, I had to be careful and stayed off pasta and just had occasional ‘cheat days’.

“But when I started as a student, it was all about ‘I don’t have time!’ And I was going for beans on toast or pasta and cheese, which was horrific!”

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Danielle was finding it a struggle to get back on track on her own.

“I needed something to get me back in shape, especially in terms of nutrition. When I was a dancer, people used to comment on how thin I was. They would say – doesn’t she eat or is she anorexic.

“I was eating a lot, but the weight was just dropping off me, and I didn’t know how to counteract that. These comments really affected me, and then switching to student life just got me into bad eating habits.”

Danielle also found it challenging to stick to a gym or exercise routine.

She made excuses, skipped workout sessions and had fallen into a vicious circle of feeling sluggish and avoiding workouts and then castigating herself for not being active enough.

Coming to train in a driven and goal-focussed environment like U.P. has been a breath of fresh air for her.

“The highlight of my journey is coming into the gym. I really love that; I love training at U.P. The intensity of the training here is not what I am used to.

“When I was dancing, I would do stuff like the French Cancan for 15 minutes twice a night, which was strenuous but a different type of strenuous.

“My trainer Troy was really good at keeping me on track. Having someone pushing me in the gym was great.”

 Danielle Ultimate Performance Deadlift Ultimate Performance

Danielle had never trained with weights before, but this style of Exercise and the results it elicited quickly grew on her.

“I had never done weight training before, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a goal-oriented way of training, and I liked that.

“Now I feel more comfortable going to a commercial gym and training myself.

“Usually, I would go to the gym and stick to the studio areas where all the girls train. I didn’t feel comfortable going over to the weights area, but now I have a lot more confidence, and I know my technique and my form is right.”

 Danielle Biceps Training Ultimate Performance Ultimate Performance

Training has not just got her in great physical shape, but it has given her a positive outlet for stress during her medical studies.

“Exercise will definitely help me get through my degree, as well. I feel stress relief is also an important point.

“I feel like when I am in the gym; I am not thinking about studying. Even when I am doing cardio, I listen to a podcast to be productive, but with weights, it’s a total escape.

“Mentally, it feels a lot better when you are in control, and you have a plan, and you are motivated.

“Obviously, feeling fitter is great as I don’t have as many tantrums about what I am wearing when I am going out, and I can pick anything and look nice in it. It’s taken all the stress away from getting ready.”

 Danielle Transformation Ultimate Performance Back Ultimate Performance

At the start of the programme, Danielle has set her aesthetic goals as getting more muscle definition.

She certainly got what she came for. But along with a more toned figure, it has really helped bring more structure to her daily routine.

“I think it’s given me a lot of structure, I have gone through a massive change in my life, and I was kind of just freewheeling it.

“This has given me a schedule to stick to, and it has given me an insight into how much and how far I can push myself as well.

“U.P. is an investment in yourself, and it’s not just the 12 weeks you are paying for; if you are willing to change, it’s forever!”



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