“I can go on holiday with my friends and not have to wear an oversized shirt the whole time. I’m Incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Dad-of-three James feels proud of the transformation he’s achieved after losing over 18kg with Ultimate Performance.

He’d been struggling with his health and fitness for as long as he could remember.

Stress caused him to pile on weight and he feared he would “drop dead.”

Just bending over to tie his shoelaces every morning left him out of breath and even his XL shirts no longer fit him.

But his life looks a lot different now…

James is thrilled with his physique, he’s on top of his stress, and he knows his health is in a better place than ever before.

Here, he shares how he made such profound changes at 45…

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What motivated you to start personal training with Ultimate Performance?

I jumped on the scales last year, and I was 102kg, which was about 10kg heavier than what I normally was. It was only August, and I normally put on a lot of weight leading into the Christmas season. I couldn’t fit any of my clothes, not even some XL shirts that I had recently bought. That was pretty shocking. I have a young family, three daughters. I have a really stressful job. Frankly, I was worried I was going to drop dead.


You mentioned that you used to be embarrassed by your reflection in the mirror. Can you tell us how working with your trainer has changed your perception of your body?

I was very embarrassed when I looked in the mirror. It’s taken me a good four months to feel proud about the way I look. I can now go to the beach and not be embarrassed. I can go on holiday with my friends and not have to wear an oversized shirt the whole time. I can hang out with the kids by the pool and their friends and not be embarrassed. I feel so much better about myself. I feel proud. It’s taken a long journey to get there (well four months) but it’s been absolutely worth it.

You said it was a struggle to tie your shoelaces when you first started training here. Can you tell me how much this journey has changed your life?

Everything in my life is easier. Bending down to tie my shoelaces in the morning was hard work. Just putting on pants without falling over and getting to the end of the day without falling asleep on the couch at 8pm was hard for me. Now, everything is so much easier. I think that’s been the biggest journey for me. Everything in life is much easier now. That’s been the biggest journey for me. I feel good about myself and have a lot more energy.


How much more confident are you now James? Do you feel better in your clothes?

I look good in anything. I can buy cheap clothes or expensive clothes and look good in both! It’s nice to have a wardrobe where you fit into everything, not just half the wardrobe being clothes you can never fit into. It has been expensive having to buy a whole new wardrobe, but I’ve loved shopping for new clothes.


Do you feel like you’re a more present father now too? Are you able to keep up with your kids and match their energy?

That’s been a real benefit of this transformation. It’s been great for my family life. All my kids are proud of their dad now. It’s really nice to go to sports events with them. I look fit, I’ve got plenty of energy, and I can join in with them. That’s what made this whole journey great for both me and my family.

What would you say has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned working side-by-side with your U.P. personal trainer?

It sounds corny, but you are what you eat. A huge part of this transformation comes down to your diet. Beforehand, I would never eat carbohydrates, and I still wasn’t losing weight. I might have been able to lose weight 10 years ago by doing that, but it wasn’t working anymore. I’ve learned how to count calories and learned it’s energy in vs energy out. It’s as simple as that. It’s taken me 20 years to understand that.


Final question James, how would you compare your before and after photos?

I still struggle to comprehend how I let myself get so heavy and so overweight. Compare that to the photos now, I look like a completely different person. I don’t even recognise myself. Half the people at my work don’t even recognise me. That’s an incredible feeling.


Personal training has helped James feel confident, proud, and noticeably more energetic around his three kids in his forties. Enquire now to find out how we can tailor a program around you.


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