Krishna was accustomed to seeing body-confident models showcasing the latest clothes as an operation manager at global fashion brand Zara.

After years of regularly eating out and neglecting his nutrition, seeing people in shape and taking care of their bodies struck a chord for 29-year-old ex-athlete Krishna.

Being in an environment surrounded by people who prioritised their health and wellbeing, vegetarian Krishna was determined to build the physique he once had, but thought it was unachievable given the demands of his job.

After partnering with his Ultimate Performance trainer, Krishna lost 13kg and found a mentor who drove him on to invest in himself for the first time in a long time.

  Ultimate Performance

Now confident enough to wear clothes that he previously would shy away from because of his stomach fat, Krishna has no self-doubt about his appearance and is enjoying his post-transformation lifestyle.

“My transformation has been like a miracle for me. Even when I started at U.P., after one week I was full of energy.

“When you wake up in the morning you’ve already got the motivation there, and that was exactly what I needed.

“I can’t say it’s an investment, it’s something way more precious than that – and you can keep it with you.”

Here, Krishna tells us about how his U.P. transformation has impacted his overall productivity throughout the day, and how his trainer worked around his specific diet needs.


What was your motivation to join Ultimate Performance?

The difficult part for me was the food in Hong Kong. With my job being very demanding I just grabbed and ate what I could.

I didn’t like the way my clothes look around my stomach, so I felt like I should start something in my life to get healthy. I was once an athlete, but I’d lost all my progress since then. It was mainly about wanting to get back to the young version of myself.

Can you tell me how you felt physically and mentally before starting with U.P?

I didn’t want to hang out with other people, I was that unconfident. Being in the fashion industry I worked with models and I thought ‘what am I doing with myself?’ I wanted to at least look a bit like them, but mainly get stronger and leaner.

Physically and mentally, it affected me and made me doubt whether I should go hang out with people or shop for new clothes. I wanted to buy new clothes, but I knew they wouldn’t fit and wouldn’t look good on me.

What effect did training with U.P. have on your health, your energy levels and your life outside of the gym?

It really was a huge difference. Every time I went outside before my transformation, I would often feel tired and had a lack of energy.

My transformation has been like a miracle for me. Even when I started at U.P., after one week I was full of energy. When you wake up in the morning you’ve already got the motivation there, and that was exactly what I needed.


What was the biggest challenge of your transformation?

Being a vegetarian at times it was hard, but my trainer really worked around me and helped me out with the calorie counting.

It was the first time I’d ever counted calories, so I didn’t know much about it. It was quite difficult at the start but we got through it together thanks to my trainer.

What were the key aspects that helped you complete the transformation despite being a very busy professional?

The routine that my trainer set with the workouts was very good. I was totally focused on my training and we always could fit it in with my job.

I got some time limits and deadlines whilst training, which was the same as the job.

My trainer would often say we have to finish things before a certain time, which made me motivated to get it done and I would think ‘let’s get it done.’




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