Imran was doing HIIT training five times a week, but his body wasn’t changing.

The 42-year-old entrepreneur felt fit, but his Peleton bike couldn’t give him the body composition he wanted.

He had lost some weight on his own, but to build a physique worthy of a Men’s Health cover, he knew he needed something more structured and personalised.

Training with the world-class team at Ultimate Performance showed him how effective targeted weight training and nutrition could be.

His body changed in a matter of weeks, and he lost a total of 8kg and built muscle that he never could with HIIT.

Now Imran says he feels exhilarating and believes the investment in working with a world-class trainer was worth it.

“From looking at the before and after pictures, you know these guys know what they’re doing.

“When you go through your paces, it’s calculated. Everything is measured. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Now I can see why U.P. are the best in the business.”

Here Imran talks about how his training changed, how his relationship with food has improved, and what his transformation has given him that he didn’t expect.

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What was your motivation for joining Ultimate Performance?

I think I’ve always wanted to build a body where it could be the front cover of Men’s Health. I’ve been seeing the U.P. adverts for years, and then when I saw my friend who actually turned this transformation around, I was like, “Wow! If he can do it, I can do it. Now’s the time – it’s now or never.”


What was it about this point in your life where you thought it’s now or never?

I think I started the journey over lockdown. I had no choice. I couldn’t go to the gym. I couldn’t really go travel like I normally do. I was constrained to the home workouts. And one of the things I started doing was just measuring my porridge – a random number of 50g, with water and some artificial sweeteners every day. I ate soup, and I started losing weight. So, by the time I got to looking into Ultimate Performance, I was like, ‘I’ve lost weight without actually trying or having any real plan.’ So, I thought, ‘Mentally, I’m ready for it.’


How did you feel, specifically, about your body composition and fitness levels at the time of coming in?

I think fitness-wise, I was doing Peleton three to four times a week. Prior to that, I was doing HIIT five times So, I was fairly healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. However, body composition, because I hadn’t gone to the gym, there wasn’t a real plan or structure. So, it needed to be improved.

What did you enjoy most about the training at Ultimate Performance?

It’s been hardcore, I have to say. I wasn’t expecting to be pushed so hard, so soon. I thought it would be gradual just working through it. It pushed me to all kinds of limits. I never expected it. So, it was intense.

I think what was good was that I knew my trainer had my back. I knew that they would never let me do something that I wasn’t capable of. I knew I was in capable hands.

That’s what made it worth it because my trainer was never going to let me hurt myself or actually push me too far that I would injure myself. I haven’t had an injury in 12 weeks. It’s been phenomenal. So, that’s surprising.


What is the atmosphere like when you come in and train?

It’s been really good. There have not been any egos. Everyone’s been really encouraging. Everyone’s very friendly. People talk to you and get involved. It’s been very, very different to what I expected. I thought it was going to be quite hardcore. It’s actually been the opposite. They push you, but it’s been friendly and accommodating.


How do you feel now compared to when you started?

The discipline. I didn’t think I had the discipline because I love food so much. I’ve always been able to go to the gym and work out sporadically. However, to see your body transform, it’s just phenomenal. I feel so exhilarated. I feel so excited that I can do anything in life now. Food is such a vital thing in my life – I love that, but I am now able to control it. It has been tough, but it’s been rewarding. I feel proud. I feel really proud that I’ve actually managed to do it.


How quickly did you start noticing results?

I think, instantly, you start seeing a difference in just how you feel, and you start shrinking, and then your clothes start changing – and that was five, six weeks into it. Then, when you’re at eight weeks, you’re like, “Whoa. Actually, there’s a massive change”. So, you just feel really good.

I think it’s the level of satisfaction and reward that you’ve actually worked really hard, and you’ve been consistent, and you’ve been disciplined, knowing that you can actually do this now. Because you’ve done it, you’re like, “Okay. I know what’s required to get to this level and keep it consistent, and the strategies”. You can’t change it. It’s just exhilarating, I suppose.

Aside from the physical change, does the Ultimate Performance training and the transformation benefit any other aspects of your life?

I think it affects everything because, all of a sudden, you feel good. You feel good. You look good. You’ve got more swagger. You know that it’s going to have a positive effect on all areas of your life, because your body health and fitness, wellness, is key, vital for everything. If you’re feeling good, you feel good at work, feel good with your relationships.


What would you say was the biggest thing you’ve learned throughout the process?

Consistency. The thing that my trainer is saying over and over again is, “Be consistent”. Then it’s having the patience and knowing that the results will come.

One thing that I think most people don’t realise is; when you’ve got someone keeping you accountable and who actually knows what they’re doing, you trust in the process. So, therefore, you’re like, “Okay. I’ve got to keep doing it because I don’t want to let you down” because when I did fall off here and there, I was so gutted that I wanted to work harder to get to where I wanted to get to.

In hindsight, if I had to go through it again, knowing what I’ve been through, I wouldn’t fall off again because you know how much of a detrimental effect that has. But overall, it’s made me think more about strategies to overcome those issues. Because, like most people, if you’re overweight, or if you don’t realise what your portion size is, how easy it is to just fall off.


What was the experience like working with your trainer?

I think working with my trainer has been phenomenal. I think U.P. chose a perfect partner, because my trainer’s personality and the way he trains is in line with me. If I was working with someone else, I don’t know if it would work the same way. So, that’s been really good. My trainer has pushed me and made me work. But at the same time, he has managed my expectations.


Would you recommend Ultimate Performance to others?

I already have! I have already started, because I think it’s for normal people who aren’t like, “I’m going to go to gym five times a week or six times a week”. It’s for people who just want to feel good. It’s about feeling good and feeling happy in yourself. And I think if you want to live a successful, happy life, having a body that you feel good and feel proud of changes everything else. So it’s all worth it.




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