Lockdown hit everyone’s health and fitness hard – and doctor Anj was no different.

As a GP, Anj knew the importance of quality sleep, regular exercise and a good diet – but with gyms shut and normal life disrupted, she wasn’t practising what she preached.

‘Rock bottom’ came when lockdown lifted and one of her children started school again – 43-year-old Anj felt so out of shape.

Wanting some drastic changes and inspired by Ultimate Performance’s track record of results, she joined the LiveUP online coaching program.

Since then, Anj has reshaped her body, built healthy habits back into her life, and learned the skills and knowledge around diet and exercise that has helped her through two more national lockdowns.

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“I have dropped two dress sizes and dropped fat all over. I am much stronger in the gym and when my son asked me to run 5k with him recently, I could do it and keep up (almost!)  
“I learned that I have to respect my body by fuelling it properly and not abuse it by under-nourishing it.   
“It blows all other training out of the water. The nutritional advice, combined with the live training, forum and check-ins is phenomenal value. The price point means it is accessible and sustainable.”   

Anj was no stranger to strength training and exercise – she had done transformation programs in the past.

But when lockdown hit in March 2020, it proved to be a curveball that halted her health and fitness progress in its tracks.

With stay-at-home orders in place, gyms shut and limited scope for exercise and activity, Anj just didn’t know what to do.

“I had done a body transformation in the past and knew I could get in shape if I put my mind to it, but I was completely lost.   
“Lockdown 1.0 meant no gym or classes to do weight training and I didn’t know what exercises to do to lose weight.   
“There was so much free content on Instagram and YouTube, but I like plans and structure so they didn’t really appeal.   
“My diet was all over the place too; I was trying intermittent fasting, intuitive eating, low carb but nothing was working.” 

Anj’s sedentary lockdown lifestyle was taking its toll, so when things began to ease off, she was ready to kickstart her health again.

“The turning point was that one of my children was starting back at school just before the summer holidays and I felt so ashamed to be emerging out of lockdown bigger than ever.   
“I was at rock bottom and knew I had to do something drastic to overhaul my lifestyle.”  

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Anj, who is based in the UK, remembers the moment when she knew she needed to change.

Doing a family fitness challenge and feeling so unfit shook her into action.

“My family and I were doing a burpee challenge and when I saw a video of myself doing one, I was absolutely horrified.   
“I just looked so out of shape and unfit. That combined with having to do the school run again when nothing fit me was the wake-up call and trigger I needed.   
“I wanted to look and feel good. I was fed up with feeling sluggish with no energy and I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in my skin and fit into my wardrobe again.  
“When I found Elliott on Instagram, I looked into U.P. immediately. U.P. have so much experience with body transformations and when I saw that they had online options, it was a no-brainer! I only wish I had started sooner.”  

Starting LiveUP gave Anj back some structure and accountability with her diet and training that she had lost during the lockdown.

What was so different about LiveUP to anything she had done in the past was that it gave her a framework in which she could progress each week, whether she had access to a gym or not.

“I have weight trained on and off for years with personal trainers and made great progress, but as soon as I stopped the ‘program’, the weight went back on and the motivation faded.  
“Getting both a diet and training program that I could adhere to was the main sticking point.   
“Previous trainers had trained me with intensity but not given me the skills or knowledge to build my own training plan and progress in the gym. Lacking the confidence to train alone, I would do body pump classes and HIIT three or four times per week.”  

But perhaps the most valuable element of the program was the constant stream of knowledge from the LiveUP team which helped her skill-up and learn how to manage her own diet and training effectively.

“The best thing about LiveUP is that Elliott gives you the knowledge on how to weight train with progressive overload, even with little or no equipment with the home workouts.  
“LiveUP gives you a new workout every four weeks which is amazing as it gives me the variety I need to be excited to workout and hit PBs.   
“I can achieve a really intense workout in the gym or at home with limited equipment without a PT standing next to me pushing me.   
“I push myself because LiveUP taught me how to.”  

It proved to be the big change in lifestyle that Anj was looking for.

Now rather than just extolling the benefits of exercise and diet to patients, she was living and breathing it every day.

“My lifestyle before LiveUP was all theory and no practice! I knew I should sleep, exercise, eat well and reduce stress but the reality was that I neglected parts of my lifestyle.   
“My cortisol must have been through the roof with running, HIIT and body pump classes. Literally, after the first week of starting LiveUP, I felt 100% better by making drastic changes to my lifestyle.”  

One of the most fundamental changes Anj was able to make was with her eating habits.

Before, Anj says she was in a typical starve-binge cycle with a classic low-fat diet.

But focusing on some simple nutrition principles brought back some much-needed rhythm and routine to her diet that felt transformative.

“Before, I would sustain myself on black coffee until lunchtime when I would eat a salad and then be starving by 4 or 5 pm. I would have a piece of fruit or succumb to a sugary snack.  
“Dinner would usually be protein, vegetables and carbs. My main problem would be snacking on sugary foods late in the evening.   
“The main change with LiveUP was eating four proper meals per day and lots of dietary fats which I would never usually eat.   
“Within five days I felt so much better and well-nourished.”  

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Changing her diet and getting consistency again with her training has had a huge impact on her life.

“The power of walking has been transformative. It is so meditative and relaxing. I have to walk daily now – it is ingrained in me. Elliott, the check-ins and the forum have been instrumental in my transformation.   
“The check-ins are so helpful in keeping you on track and Elliott always listens without judgement.   
“His advice is second to none – he just understands the girls on the forum so well.   
“The forum is an incredibly supportive feature of the group and the girls all champion one another. I absolutely feel connected with them and know that they would be supportive in the good and bad times.”  

The results for Anj have been noticeable both inside and out.

“I have more energy, more confidence, I am happier and less snappy and stressed.   
“I now walk outdoors every day and exercise three times a week and feel great.   
“It has reduced stress levels and feelings of being overwhelmed.”   

Now Anj has a formula that will work for life and a program that will push her forwards each and every month to even greater results.



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