“I didn’t expect U.P. to affect my mental situation. But I now see the amount of happiness and enthusiasm I have for the day, and I realised that something was missing beforehand.”

Two years without fitness had completely derailed Diptanil’s happiness.

He said he was stuck in a rut and still feeling the after-effects of the pandemic, where he spent 99% of his time trapped indoors.

Diptanil admitted he’d now given up with exercise. Any motivation to get his hard-earned physique back was long gone.

In just 12 weeks, Diptanil has turned things around entirely and rekindled his enthusiasm for weight training.

This time round – the results are far better than he ever imagined. He’s bounced back to life and feels great in his lean, yet strong, body.

The plan that helped him do it? Read all about it here.

 Diptanil D M36 12wk Pt Ams Front Ultimate Performance

What was it that motivated you to partner with Ultimate Performance?  

My main reason for joining U.P. was that my physical and mental health was worse than ever. I’ve been doing fitness my whole life, but after the pandemic, I realised that I’d gone two years without fitness.

I found myself in a position where I had given up on exercise. But it was more than just the worst shape of my life. I was stuck in a mental rut, I wanted to improve that and find a place where I would be pushed to my limits.  

How was your experience during the 12 weeks at U.P.?  

I didn’t know what to expect from it, but I would say that when I started, I was just really excited and enthusiastic about it. I wasn’t sure where it would lead me, but I was hoping for something good!

In the end, my mental situation improved a lot. I became more enthusiastic and happier about my day. Physical activity didn’t seem like a chore; it doesn’t feel like a burden now; rather, I feel happy to come to U.P. to practice and push my limits.

By the end, I was also building new relationships and other friendships. 


What were the reactions to your transformation? 

My biggest reaction came from my husband. He would notice it more than anything else. Even the change in my mental state was noticed; I would get compliments about being enthusiastic.

I specifically remember one colleague asking me, “How are you so happy at the end of the day?” That really brought home to me that this transformation was more of a mental breakthrough than a physical one.

Of course, when I look in the mirror, I can see a huge change, and I love it.  


Any standout moments from the last 12 weeks that you would like to talk about?  

I remember one Friday specifically; I was not feeling up to training after work. It had been a long day, and the training was supposed to be at six or seven in the evening. And when I went back home, I felt like, “God, do I really have to?” Then I pushed myself to come and do the training.

Within the first few minutes of the training, I realised, “Oh, God, this gives me happiness rather than being a burden or a chore.” And that made me realise, “Okay. Yeah, I’m at a good place, exactly where I should be.”

Overall, I am so happy with my results. My body fat decreased from 18% to 9%, and my dietary habits have also improved massively.

I would say, looking at the progress, looking at my mirror, realising what I have cut through, and also looking at my mental situation, how happy I feel. I would say that the last three months have been incredibly productive, and I have made excellent progress. 

Would you recommend U.P. to others? And if so, why? 

I’m wearing the U.P. shirt to places like restaurants and things! I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

People see that I exude happiness, and they come and ask me, “What has changed?” I always tell them, “Yeah, it’s exercising, and especially exercising with a good group of people that’s motivated me.”

U.P. isn’t just a team or a training group where people will give you professional service for their money. I found in these three months that it’s more than that. It’s more about providing that push, confidence, and relationship-building that ultimately brings results. These are the extras that make me want to continue training here for a long time.  


Diptanil found his happiness mantra at U.P. Follow his footsteps to unlock the joy of fitness. Get in touch to book a free consultation.


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