Deniz got his life back after a crippling back injury and achieved the body of his dreams.

33-year-old Deniz meant well when he started working out – he wanted to stay healthy in his 30s and was working hard toward achieving his dream physique.

Unfortunately, his DIY exercises left him with a painful herniated disc in his back.

As the pain took over his life, fitness became a distant dream.

He knew he couldn’t keep living with an injured back and started looking for training options that worked around his medical problems.

Seeing the wealth of experience trainers at Ultimate Performance had with clients suffering similar medical problems, he knew this was the place to train safely and effectively and get results.

 Denizu-30s-13wk-pt-ams-front-900 Ultimate Performance

Within 8 weeks of starting, he was pain-free and was off all medication, and by the time his transformation was complete he lost 18 lbs and a third of his body fat.

“Now, I feel much stronger and way more confident in my body. I feel I can handle pretty much anything now.

“For me, the best thing was that I became able to face day-to-day activities without pain.

“Also, I saw physical improvements – my body fat percentage went down very quickly, and I gained overall strength and just filled up with muscle.”

At the start of the programme, Deniz could barely move without pain, even sleeping or lying down brought no relief.



It was a never-ending nightmare and a blight on his everyday life.

“I had pain throughout the day from my injuries, even in my sleep. That was messing up my energy, my posture, and confidence. I sit a lot during my work, so the pain was causing trouble there too.

“And most importantly, I wasn’t feeling good with what I saw in the mirror; I didn’t like the mediocrity of my body.”

Along with his physical limitations, Deniz was also being held back due to his unstructured eating habits.

The combination of an unhealthy diet and limited mobility was starting to show.

At U.P., he finally found a nutrition plan that was beautifully simple and customised to his body.

“I would basically eat anything without calculating or monitoring my intake; I had no knowledge of how different foods affect my body. I was trying to eat healthily as much as possible, but without the knowledge that was later provided by my trainer, I was ignorant of what to eat when, and how much.




“With U.P., I became more mindful of what to eat and why. I felt a lot more energy and overall well being, which I believe is the result of the well-structured diet.

“I started to have a structure to my day, follow a programme. That gave me the motivation to keep going. And achieving all that gave me the confidence to go for more every day.”

Working with a trainer who had personal experience with back problems was the key for Deniz – he felt his problems were understood, and his limitations were factored into the workouts.

“They set me up with my trainer Giannis, who knew exactly what to watch out for and showed me how to use proper form.

“He also listened to the feedback I gave him on exercises that don’t work for me and he adapted them.

“I clicked with my trainer from day one, he always has a big smile but is firm with the training and will push you to your limits. He knows exactly what my body can handle and goes to the max in every training session.”

8 weeks into his training Deniz was pain-free and medication free. And he was also well on his way to getting his dream physique.

“I saw very fast improvements to my lower back pain, which changed my attitude throughout the day.

“I was able to pick up things, sleep normally, and do things that I was avoiding before. I could function as a normal person again without dreading my every move.

“It’s made me trust and rely more on my body.

“It also changed the way that I view what is possible and going forward whenever something tough comes up; I will always think that if I did that, maybe I can also do this too.”

For Deniz the U.P. journey still continues. He is hooked on to the gym and plans to continue beyond his 12-week programme.

“What really helped me through this transformation was the motivation of my trainer and the whole U.P. team. There is a community vibe with the other trainers as well as your own. You will be greeted by everyone, and everyone is rooting for your success. I felt good going to the gym, and that helped me to keep going.

“U.P. taught me that with hard work and good guidance, everything is possible!”

Deniz has realised that so much more is possible with the right guidance. Fill in the form below to find out more information or start your own journey.


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