After years of working on ‘mission body’, David got a physique he could have never even dreamed of in 13 weeks ready for his honeymoon in Thailand.

David had tried everything from intermittent fasting to HIIT classes to get himself in shape for years.

But nothing had worked for 33-year-old Head of Retail Leasing, David, until he started his transformation with Ultimate Performance.

Thirteen weeks and just 37 training sessions is all it took for the man whose school friends used to call him ‘Fat Boy’ to transform his body into that of a Greek god.

He surpassed even his most ambitious goals, losing 13kg, getting down to a lean 11% body fat, and getting an enviable six-pack.

It has been a big lifestyle change for David, who went from being the man who would yo-yo between healthy food and packs of M&Ms and takeaways at weekends, to being in control of his diet.

He describes feeling like Bradley Cooper in the film Limitless with his productivity, focus, motivation and assertiveness going into overdrive after his diet and training plan took effect.

 David-13-weeks-front-transformation-results Ultimate Performance


Life has gotten even better at home for David and his new wife, with the big changes he has made improving his mood and happiness in his day-to-day life.

“I honestly didn’t think I could achieve anywhere near the results I did – ever! It wasn’t possible. Those results were reserved for people in magazines and on Instagram.

“I thought, ‘if I can just get down from 26% body fat to 15% and be a 34-inch waist again, I’ll be happy.’

“Little did I expect to be finishing at just over 11% body fat and a 32-inch waist! I hadn’t weighed the same size since my teenage years. In fact, I didn’t ever look like this in my teenage years!

“I am over the moon, and so is my wife!”

David explains the major changes he made that helped him achieve such a stunning transformation and what made his journey such a success.

What were your motivations for starting a transformation journey with U.P.?

My motivation was very simple – I hadn’t been happy or even content with my body for over 10 years – even more so in the last four years, since moving to Dubai.

My lifestyle was very much chalk and cheese.

On the weekends I ate and drank extremely well and, like many, I ended the weekend with a little treat (because I deserved it, of course), which often came in the shape of a takeaway, a family bag of M&Ms, and Netflix & chill. Then, back to work and on with my suit which “I swear wasn’t this tight last week.”

Tired, bloated and lethargic, I would work slowly through the mental gears relying heavily on coffee as my petrol to coast me through the day.

All that being said, with the weekend indulgences in mind, my weekdays were perfect for fat loss (or so I thought). With all the tricks of intermittent this, fasting that, or whatever else I picked up from Instagram, I would hit the gym at least 4-5 times a week, with personal trainers, classes, cardio—you name it, I was there.

 David-13-weeks-side-transformation-results Ultimate Performance


However, in spite of my best efforts, nothing could curb the yo-yo effect of binging at the weekend and ‘working it off in the week’. I had gotten fat!

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?

This is difficult to describe. Have you ever had a massive project that you have put off doing, whether it be clearing the garage, organising your finances, or some other task whereby the status quo was easier than taking control of the task in hand? My health, lifestyle and appearance were just the same.

However, just like the feeling of self-accomplishment you have in ‘completing a project’, I had that feeling of self-mastery and control times 10! Like a scene from the film Limitless (which is a great film if you haven’t watched it), my approach on my day-to-day life was far more measured, clear, proactive, and alert – I was in complete control.

My whole persona changed. My energy levels were tenfold. I slept like a baby and my output at work felt 50% greater.

Nicest of all, my relationship with my wife grew even stronger. I wasn’t coming in from the office like a Neanderthal, communicating with caveman grunts and gestures! I thought we had a solid relationship prior, but we spent more time talking, chatting and laughing within those 12 weeks, than we had done in the previous 26 weeks. Like they say ‘happy wife, happy life’ (I’m going to be in trouble for saying that!).

 David-on-holiday-after-his-up-transformation Ultimate Performance

David’s honeymoon photo in Thailand is a testament to his hard work.

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?

This was an introspective journey. I had to take control and I couldn’t blame the actions of others for not getting results.

Yes, you sign up to having the best captain in the business (thanks to my trainer, Jaie!), but ultimately, it was down to me to plough on ahead and be accountable.

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

When you work closely alongside your coach, you cannot help but learn. Jaie was a fountain of knowledge and guidance. I learnt an incredible amount about training and nutrition specific to my body and how it reacts. The whole process has not only given me a new level of strength, both mentally and physically, but has instilled habits, skills and knowledge that have become a way of life.

 David-13-weeks-back-transformation-results Ultimate Performance


Would you recommend U.P. and why?

The results speak for themselves.

Now, at the risk of sounding somewhat contradictory, I know I said that this was an introspective journey and that it was down to me to get the results. However, I have been on ‘mission body’ for years, with personal trainers, meal plans etc., and never got anywhere near the same results.

Perhaps it’s a coincidence? But then it only takes a few moments to look at U.P.’s online platform to realise that they seem to have hundreds of other ‘coincidences’ and soon come to the conclusion that U.P. must be different.

It’s clear to see that they have world-class facilities and you can easily imagine that they put you through your paces.

However, what you cannot expect is the attention to detail. Messages, emails, spreadsheets, photos, measurements and weigh-ins – Jaie was full on! He took a genuine interest in my results, and when I dropped a kilo, he was as happy as I was! With his attention to detail and physician-like approach, there was nowhere to hide and he brought out the best in me, week on week.

I can only assume this is their approach with all their clients!

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