Dance teacher Lea wanted to get in great shape for her 40th birthday, but she was stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting made worse by lockdown.

She tried multiple diets and training plans, but nothing ever worked that gave her the lasting weight loss or lifestyle change she wanted.

It felt like her weight was holding her back in her role teaching children dance, but as a mother-of-two, she didn’t always have the time to focus on herself.

With her milestone 40th birthday fast approaching, she turned to LiveUP to give her a clear plan, support and accountability needed to get in shape for good.

Her results have been a revelation so far – and she is just getting started.

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“I’m now much stronger physically and mentally than I have been for many years.   

“I’ve lost three dress sizes and can now comfortably wear clothes I wouldn’t have been able to consider previously!  

“Apart from the physical changes, I’m the happiest I have ever been with my body. I feel credible again as a dance teacher, and my girls are seeing a more positive role model. I’ve also decided to qualify as a P.T. and help other mums in the future thanks to U.P.!”  

Lea says that life as a busy working mum wasn’t always easy. Having so many priorities to juggle meant she couldn’t always ensure she was eating right and getting the exercise she needed.

 Ultimate Performance Liveup Lea Ultimate Performance

Lea before her LiveUP transformation.

“Like everybody, life is busy. Before LiveUP, I would often make excuses for not committing to lifestyle changes.   

“I found juggling work versus being a mum very difficult and on a Saturday would coffee shop hop in between my girls’ dance lessons to socialise and make myself feel better.   

“I’d lost control of food and had developed some really bad habits. I seemed to have lost my discipline and motivation; each week would roll into the next. I felt very down but would hide behind a smile!”  

Her goal was to feel fabulous for her milestone birthday. But she couldn’t find a diet or program that stuck. She would take one step forwards and two steps back.

“I wanted to be fit for my 40th birthday next year. I have tried so many diets and failed as I get caught in the trap of losing and gaining it all back.  
“I felt disheartened, fed up and like I had no credibility in my job as a dance teacher. I began losing weight before I started LiveUP by eating sensibly and clean, but it was my body shape I really wanted to change.”  

 Leaf39-51wk-pt-opt-back-9002 Ultimate Performance

Like so many people, lockdown came and laid waste to healthy habits and fitness regimes. Lea was no different – her diet got out of control, and it left her unhappy about where she found herself.

“When lockdown happened, I began eating chocolate and drinking more and more.   

“I became upset with my body appearance, so eat more to make me feel better. I looked back at pictures of myself and got upset as I felt like I had lost control, but this time was determined to do something about it long-term.   

“I began eating better and started running, but it took ages for the physical changes to show. Once I changed the way I exercised and committed to lifestyle changes, my body began to change.”  

Starting LiveUP gave her a positive focus and a structured plan to follow with the accountability to actually get results.

What began as a weight loss goal quickly evolved into a personal project not just to look great, but to feel great too.

 Ultimate Performance Lea Liveup Ultimate Performance

“Initially, I wanted to lose weight and keep it off after having two children. However, the more I got into the plan, the more my mindset shifted towards being motivated and positive.   

“LiveUP kept me accountable for my actions. It quickly became about getting ‘me’ back and feeling good about myself, the fat loss element came after I made these changes.  

“It is more important that I am now focusing on my health by being consistent and looking after my body.”  

One of the biggest things that changed when she started the LiveUP program was her diet.

Previously, she had always followed restrictive diets, counted calories and not found anything that worked long-term.

“My diet was restrictive as I calorie counted and began running. I started seeing my body getting smaller but never changed shape. I now know that was because I wasn’t exercising correctly.  
“I was calorie counting, and my food choices were very restrictive. It would lead to feeling really hungry, so I would then binge-eat on the wrong things.   

“I had a poor relationship with food even though I know what foods I should be eating. When I moved to LiveUP, I got organised, structured and knowledgeable.”  

 Lea-f39-51wk-pt-opt-side-9002 Ultimate Performance

Switching up her exercise regime with LiveUP really started changing the shape of her body too.

For years she had done cardio training – it helped her get lighter on the scale, but her body never changed.

Training with weights and working out her muscles has helped reshape her figure, and seeing the results of her hard work has helped her fall back in love with exercise.

“With LiveUP, more structure and more concise workouts mean not spending hours in gyms to see results.   

“I also didn’t realise the type of exercise I was doing wasn’t right for what I wanted to achieve. Many programs don’t tell you that.”  

LiveUP has helped her succeed where other plans failed – giving her the tools, structure and knowledge to reward her hard work with results.

“Now, I have returned to absolutely loving physical exercise and having full control over what I’m putting in my body.   

“Go for it! Be prepared to work hard, but learn to enjoy the process and don’t rush for the result.”  



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